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jc3737 posted:
On my last blood test my triglycerides were elevated....around 250...up from 80.The only change I made was to stop taking a fish oil capsule 3 times per week.I have just recently decided to start taking the fish oil again and will continue unless I am convinced that elevated triglycerides are not harmful.My cholesterol was around 150, my blood sugar was 84,and my A1c was below 5.
anon43 responded:
I think triglycerides are calculated by the formula

(Total cholesterol - HDL - LDL) / 0.2

does this come out to 250?

jc3737 replied to anon43's response:

But my TC and LDL are good and only my HDL is low but then everyone says you don't need high HDL when your cholesterol is low.The numbers look good to me so I question the validity of the formula.

So,It doesn't mean I have a lot of fat floating around in my blood?
engineerguy replied to jc3737's response:
Hi folks,

I was taking 3 fish oil capsules daily for a long time, but decided to take 1 a day. 1 day met the EPA and DHA intake recommendations of Fuhrman and Pritikin, among many. There is a lot of DHA in the brain. 50% of a neuron plasma membrane is DHA. DHA deficiency is associated with cognitive decline. (1) As people age, the DHA conversion rate from alpha-lineoic acid, declines, especially for men.

So, for essential fats, I take 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, 1 capsule of fish oil, and 1 oz (or more) of seeds and nuts, including walnuts. These amounts (limiting to 1 oz) are in agreement with Esselstyn and all the doctors we follow.

Flaxseed, now that I am thinking of it, had an amazing benefit to breast cancer patients (2).

Best regards, EngineerGuy


jc3737 replied to engineerguy's response:
Thanks for answering.Flax seed is also very good for those with prostate cancer(prevention and treatment)and prostate problems like enlargement or inflammation.(prostatitis).

Dr Greger(who spends a great deal of time looking through thousands of studies to report the latest science)has posted several videos on the benefits of flax seed.

Do you think I have too much fat in my blood or if triglycerides are simply calculated from a formula could it just be a claculation error?All I ate was steamed vegetables,green leaf lettuce,baked potatoes,one tablespoon of flax seed,and brown rice.I don't see how that could cause elevated triglycerides.I had not been eating fruit,nuts,or taking fish oil.I have started back on all three because I am now able to tolerate more sugar since my digestion is good now.But I think a combination of too much fruit and nuts can impact digestion by providing too much sugar....I have learned its important to limit anything with sugar in it.
engineerguy replied to jc3737's response:
Hi jc,

Sounds like you are doing great, with good digestion also! You are learning what works best for you. I'm doing pretty much the same.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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