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Its not the fat?
crow89 posted:
Could Heretk be right?Fat is not the cause of heart disease? &
anon43 responded:
Yes, Heretic is really really smart so it is entirely possible that he could be right about many things. I believe somewhere in the China Study, Campbell says there is more of a correlation between animal protein and disease than fat and disease. Be that as it may, even if heart disease is caused by TMAO it is reported that vegans who abstain from meat (and the fat in it) do not have the type of bacteria colonized in their guts that meat eaters do.

I have seen a picture of a dinner plate containing H's food. I do not think even the fat soaked, cheese and lard laden hamburger scarfing patrons of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas would eat a meal of 85% pure fat without the meat and cheese it comes with. It looks like H eats the part of the slice of meat that the rest of us, even the most committed SAD eaters would discard. I do not know how much meat H actually eats. I do not know if even the blubber eating Inuit of the far north eat as much fat as Heretic because I read that they prefer the muscle meat and feed the fat to their dogs (who only eat fat and snow) and in times of food scarcity only do they up their intake of the pure fat.

In cultures like the traditional asian cultures where meat and fish are occasional condiments added to an otherwise starch and vegetable diet it is possible that the gut has time to recover if indeed it is the TMAO that is causing obesity and heart disease.

So we know that Heretic and Jimmy Moore eat a diet of 85% fat. I do not know personally of any others. And of the two you can rely on H for doing what he says he is doing and maintaining his health.

jc3737 responded:
But this research does not give animal based products a go.It just says they are harmful for a reason other than fat....but still harmful.

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