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Maker's Diet Article
jonesinidaho posted:

Just got done doing the Maker's Diet and was looking up for information about it and came across this. I was surprised at how negative the nutritionist was about the diet when me and many family members are proof of how it works!

Granted, we didn't do the supplements like the author recommends, but eating organic or natural has truly made a difference in how I feel!! Which he just highly recommends, it is not a requirement for the plan. I lost 10 pounds and felt better than I had in a long time...and I'm not that old, I'm 26! And the nutritionist says that since it is a kosher plan that it should only be recommended for Jews, I find that ridiculous. Also, the fact that she says that eating organic isn't really better. Well, while there may be no hard scientific data proving it. It just makes sense, eating artificial chemicals is not as good for us. Our bodies weren't made for it. And when you look at what shellfish eat, they are bottom feeders, they filter the water. So we are eating what they eat, which is crap. Same goes for pig as well. While it is the most consumed meat in America, it doesn't mean that it is the healthiest for us. And I think since it is such a popular meat people get defensive when you try to take it away, but like I said before...I am a believer in this diet/lifestyle since doing it. I have way more energy and am at a healthier weight.
max9821 responded:
A big clue is that you said you just got done doing the maker's diet. A good diet is a way of eating that you enjoy, is filled with good nourishing low calorie dense food, and are happy to stay on the rest of your life. And doesn't require supplements except maybe B12. In other words, it is your lifetime way of eating just as it is in traditional cultures who have a certain diet and don't think about it. It is just what people eat.

And if you are eating coconut oil and meat you are raising cholesterol levels despite the fact that you may have lost weight.

Lots of fruits, vegetables, intact whole grains and beans are the maker's diet. In parts of the world that eat this type of diet it is true that they eat a bit of meat or fish but mostly for flavoring and in very small amounts from weaning on.

A tiny little bit of animal food will cause arteries to become clogged but so slowly that you are most likely dead before they are blocked enough to kill you. But in this country we have eaten lots of animal foods, processed food, fats and oils and dairy products from childhood so we are pretty well on our way to heart disease by the time we are in our twenties. Good for you if you want to turn this around.


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