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prostate cancer
jc3737 posted:
Looks like Dr Ornish was only half correct.Its the flaxseed and not the low fat component that inhibits prostate cancer.
max9821 responded:
I don't know about that. The flax seed plus low fat diet was better than the flax seed alone. Also, although the article said the low fat diet was < 20%, in just about every trial when people are asked to consume a low fat diet they always go above the amount prescribed except in ward
situations or when food is provided. If these people were going out to eat at all I doubt that their diets were low fat. Which to some means between 7 and 10 per cent fat in the diet with no added fats or oils. Not 20%.

But it looks like if you are eating any kind of diet the flax seed might be helpful.

Dr. Ornish also did a study, supported by Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice which showed that pomegranate juice was also beneficial. So---flax seed or pomegranate juice?

So the question that remains is--on a diet of only fruits, vegetables, intact whole grains and starches and beans with a little B12,(and no dairy or egg whites as per ornish) is there inhibition of prostate cancer even without the flax seed?

jc3737 replied to max9821's response:
Look at the title of the article.It mentions that its the flax seed that is responsible for inhibiting prostate cancer.

I would like to see Dr Ornish do his research again this time only using flax seed with one group and another group only following his vegan diet.This research concludes its the flax seed and it would be informative to see if Dr Ornish draws the same conclusion.

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