The show Food Revolution.....
Cindigal posted:
Did anyone happen to see the new show tonite, Food Revolution. It was awesome, and eye-opening. I think that shows popularity will catch like fire...wait and see. Did you see those cooks in the school cafeteria. The battle-axes... the first day they saw that english guy they had contempt for him. They actually thought that cafeteria menu was "actually" good for the kids. Did you see what on the breakfast trays in the cafeteria...PIZZA for ### sake. Are you kidding me..??. Be sure to watch for every day time show, prime time show, or late night host invite him to appear on their show.
Jis4Judy responded:
Hi Cindigal
I saw that last night and I was surprised that the cafeteria foods were all proccessed junk.. and the kids prefferred that junk was totally amazeing... I think the last meal he served worked better because the food looked a bit more like what they had been eating... it appears we are a vision oriented society...if it looks right they will eat it no matter what it is...the sad part is they eat the same stuff at home chicken nuggets.. and Pizza
Hugs Judy:)