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    Gaining weight
    An_201928 posted:
    Hi...I recently started eating healthier to lose weight. I have started eating more fruits and vegatables and cut out all junk food. I go the the "Y" and excercise about 2-3 times a week. My job consists of constantly moving and on my feet for 8 straight hours. The problem is is that I am gaining weight rather than losing weight. Why? During a single day, my diet usually consists of 1 yogurt, a banana, apples, peanuts, raisins, an orange, water and a salad every now and then. Why am I gaining weight instead of losing it?
    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
    Hi Anon. Thanks for your posting. Here are some suggestions. First, get a body fat scale and mark your weight as well as body fat %. Next up, take tape measurements of your body, including tummy across your belly button. Note your jeans size. Keep a record of all of this.

    Next, in your exercise, it's best to try to burn 300-400 cals per day (5 days ideal), from increasing your activities of daily living, to actual deliberate sessions of aerobic movement--- done at one time or broken up in 10 min bouts. Adding intensity is key to shaking up your fat cells to release the fat fuel. It is imperative you do weight training 2 x week to build as well as maintain muscles--- they are the cal burning engine of the body.

    And for your nutrition, eat every 3-4 hours and plan a schedule of what and when to eat. I notice very little protein in your diet. You need to ingest a base of 60-80 gr protein each day. Add fish and chicken. Try veggie burgers, low fat string cheese, cottage sheese and high protein yogurts (16 gram per container). Make sure you're consuming protein at every meal as well as snacks. Protein kills carb cravings and leaves you with a great feeling of fullness.

    Watch out for eating too late as that will pack on pounds. Try to end eating around 8-8:30PM and get to sleep 10-11PM.

    I'm not sure how many cals you're eating. Keep a log of your food and analyze it. There are terrific and easy applications on the web and with WebMD to scope out total cals. You may be eating too much relative to your activity level and overall needs for age. You may not be eating enough. If you starve yourself and eat very little throughout the day, your metabolism lowers and then it's very hard to drop weight. Don't fall below 1200 cals, and keep it in the range of 1200-1400 cals/day. You do have to know the general number of cals from foods. You don't have to obsess about numbers, but just be aware of general numbers.

    Let us know how it's going and good luck! Dr Peeke
    finch6 replied to Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP's response:
    I feel your pain, I have been trying for over 1 year, i eat very healthy, I exercise, i try and do all the right things, and I have not lost any weight. I read something about my thyroid and this seems to be an under diagnoised symptom, I am going to get that checked to see if that is a problem that I am facing. I don't eat past 8, I started eating brkfst every morning and I do make sure I get enough protiens so I can say that I AM SO FRUSTRATED with my body at this point. My husband eats crap and still looses a few lbs every week! I LOOSE NOTHING. I think over the past year I have lost like 3 lbs, only to gain them back and loose again, but nothing more than that!
    sealegs2 replied to finch6's response:
    I am gaining weight but eating less junk food and exercising more. I started Aciphex for excess stomach acid and have heard that these types of antacids can cause weight gain.
    _Belleza responded:
    I also work on my feet, but walking a little or standing in one place is not excercise. I work @ a grocery so I volunteer to get carts, That is exercise!
    You concentrate too much on fruits and veggies.
    Hate to say so.. but you need to learn to eat/combo's that compliment each other.
    1/2 sm banana is ok.. 1/2 sm apple ok, but not all that fruit in one day, your over loading on fruit! Sugar!
    Here is what I ate.. I lost about 2-4 lbs a wk.. doctor supervised.
    Up at 5 am:
    Got ready for work - Hard boiled egg and tea
    8-9 am :
    If you eat 1/2 apple it should go w/ a no fat string cheese. Salad/ greens only / no fat dressing.
    11:30 ( before I went home 5 hr shifts)
    tuna salad / tea or crystal lite.
    Tuna salad made w/ low fat dressing / little onion and celery salt peper to taste.. water!
    2 pm: salad - no tomato no carrot / they have sugar! Just green things. Water
    5 pm:
    4 oz chicken / or steak ( mushrooms/onions) - veggies / green when possible.. no starchy beans/peas/corn etc.
    Salad or cottage cheese - water or tea.
    Kens Fat free dressings are great so is Kraft
    fat free Italian.
    Before bed - yogurt - or hard boiled egg - celery - etc.
    No potato's what so ever, no pasta, no bread.
    Startch is a no no. Can have a "hamburger" lean grilled.. but no bread, put some steak sauce on and its great.

    Try it.. it works.
    Ps take vitamins and have blood work done to see what you are lacking so U make sure you take what you need.

    If you eat the fruit / veggies / water/ salad..its good, its what your adding to them that is bad.. and when you eat them and with what.
    _Belleza replied to sealegs2's response:
    I lost 103 lbs.. I do not use any type of antiacide any longer.
    All that body weight cause's the problems. Hopefully when you loose yours will stop too.
    You are what you eat.
    _Belleza replied to _Belleza's response:
    If you think you can loose weight by eating diet bars etc, your wrong.
    I had to decide if it was loose weight and feel better .. not be sick. OR eat a "diet" bar and think I was doing what was right.. and not loose weight.
    To not crave sweets you have to go NO sweets..
    you start eating even a fake diet bar sweet.. andyou will crave sweets.
    Misstrywriter responded:
    You haven't by an chance been taking soy supplements, have you? I started taking them for hot flashes (worked very well, by the way) but gained 1/2 pound a day. After 2 weeks and 7 pounds, I quit. Weight back to normal. Also, for sure you need good quality protein. Egg substitute has almost no fat and cooks up well in a mug in the microwave with veggies. Just a thought. Good luck!
    resagail2 replied to _Belleza's response:
    I'm having same problem. I eat well, I thought, & started walking slowly, built up to 20 mins./day. I eat yogart w/fruit & nuts b/4 bed & 1-2 pieces sf chocolate. That's only th ing I can see wrong. If activity goes up, why isn't wght. coming down. I starved for mons. when really ill b/c to nauseated to eat, had egg drop soup for 2 mons. & only lost 10 lbs. seems I can only loose ANY when too sick to eat & then hardly any at all. could this be my diabetic med./metformin. ? I am disabled & in lots of pain & swell a lot. It is hard for me to do any activity due to the pain. I have neck, bck,
    gramswims replied to Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP's response:
    Dr. Peeke,

    Can drinking too much fluid stop weight loss? I have been following the South Beach program for 5 weeks. I have lost 21 pounds, but the first week I lost 10, the second 5 and the rest the next two weeks. The past 9 days, I have days the scale went up a 1/2 - 1 pound even though I stayed on program an exercised extensively. I have been taking water aerobic classes for the past 1 1/2 year, 4 days a week for an hour. Most days, I stay after and swim and exercise for another 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Three weeks ago I realized that my body just sees this eercise as breathing and not exercise. So I went to the exercise equipment rrom after class and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 3 MPH (got heart rate up to 145 from typical 105), and then the nustep machine for 30 - 45 minutes. I am faithfully exercising 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours everyday, except Sunday. Sunday I don't exercise at all. I have not had any bread, pasta, anything white since I began my program. I only have fruit in the morning on my Greek style, no fat yogurt and then it is either strawberries, blackberries or raspberies, very low in sugar. I am eating no more than 1400 calories and more like 1200. I have either yogurt for breakfast with the berries, or an omelet with veggies and no fat feta cheese and 2 cups of coffee. I have lunch around 1Pm and dinner anywhere for 6 - 7:30 PM. This consists of 4 -6 ounces of lean protein or fish, all baked, or grilled. I eat salads with garbanzo beans or lentils and try to keep the tomatoes to a max of 4 cherry tomatoes and sometimes none. I enjoyed grilled asparagus, sauteed grean beans in olive oil. I am afraid to eat any snacks, although the first two week I would have either 2 weight watchers cheese sticks or 15 almonds. I have 2 cups of coffee with low fat milk in the morning, maybe one for lunch or green tea. I have 16 oz of water during my exercise classes. At night I am very thristy and have drinken as much as 90 ounces of crystal light. (No I am not diabetic). Am I drinking too much fluid? At my age, it is pretty hard to exercise more than 3 hours a day. I want to lose another 100 pounds. At this rate, it will take me years!

    Thanks for your help
    Cindigal replied to _Belleza's response:
    I am browsing replies at the biggie. Sometimes, I catch some posts ....what's "antiacide"..??? Is it a new food. or part of a diet.
    Cindigal replied to _Belleza's response:
    You answered your own question... the whole paragraph was confusing. What is the "END result that your were trying to convey in the message. The whole paragraph didn't make sense...

    bkayc99 replied to _Belleza's response:
    I've found you are only fooling yourself when you buy/make something to replace sweets in your diet. After I eat something that's suppose to be alright to eat while dieting only makes me want the REAL thing!!
    I'm much better off if I don't tease my tastebuds by eating such foods.
    I totally agree with you.
    bkayc99 replied to resagail2's response:

    resagail2 I am also disabled and in lots of pain. My feet, legs, hands swell a lot throughout the day. I have had back surgery and probably need more (don't want to go through that again). I've just had so much surgery in my life....I try to NOT take meds as I feel the side effects are far worse as a whole picture.
    How are you dealing with the pain? Just having to deal with it like myself?
    Can you exercise any at all? I would sure like to talk to someone like you to maybe get our heads together and figure out what we could do to put exercise into our life to help us lose weight. I'm in so much pain that whatever I do is painful.
    Every time I turn around I'm falling and I'm trying so hard to watch myself so I won't and I'll do it anyway. It's really awful. I fell again today, I'm so stiff from that right now.
    Since I've started having extreme pains in my back I've almost doubled my ideal weight. Since I've been approx. 10 yrs old I've had to watch my food/activity level and try to control what things I could to keep my weight under control...which I did. I had to work in extremely active jobs, most being jobs more for men like laborer, construction work, offshore work.
    When working offshore, I fell down about 75 stairs hitting my back on about the 3rd step and my left arm causing bruising instantly. I was afraid of losing my job if I reported it therefore I didn't fill out an accident report. I just LOVED my job but within no time I had to see a doctor as I was experiencing so much pain. That's when I had to stop working, I was put on SS disability. I'm STILL having so much pain in my back, neck, legs, and feet. Oh, and I also have fibromyalgia throughout my body, THAT is real bad too.
    So to be worried about gaining weight is not my only problem to worry about although I just know it would help my pain level a lot if I could lose.
    I would say I'm about 80# over weight right now and I'm at a point that I don't know where to turn for any help anymore.
    Please keep me in mind when you hopefully discover a way of losing weight that works for you. I would like to keep communicating with others as it might spark a way to help me too.
    Thanks for any help and I wish you the best in your efforts to struggle through this problem yourself.
    sunnydaygirl replied to bkayc99's response:
    Hi. I've lived with pain due to Crohn's Disease since I was 18. After many, many surgeries, I found although my body was thin, I was so fatigued all the time. Some is the steroids, which I finally got off and only take vitamins, and pro-biotics with nutraflora that ended my yeast infections, especially when on antibiotics. Now that I've gone through and still going through menopause, I feel even MORE tired than ever! I had all the blood tests and found my thyoid levels were VERY low and I was always thirsty! I tried a thyroid med but it burned my insides so bad and made my Crohn's worse, so I had to stop. I had a mammogram 7 years ago and they stage 0 breast cancer and went through a masectomy. That really started my menopause rolling. I do take pain meds but only one a day as well as a muscle relaxer/anti-anxiety med daily for the bowel spasms, but I still suffer from extreme fatigue. I tried eating a balance diet, but my bowel inflammation came back and I found I couldn't eat any meat for quite a while. I'm only 54 and feel 84. My mother is now 78 and she has more energy than me! When will someone find a cause for Crohn's Disease. I've tried every drug on the market and nothing has worked and speaking for the rest of us bowel disease sufferers, which is increasing more and more every year, we're SICK OF THE STEROIDS and the awful side effects. I now have peaked in my weight and can't seem to lose anything anymore. The fatigue is probably a big part, but is there anything for low thyoid that won't flare up my Crohn's. Desperate to be Normal.

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