Don't Say Goodbye
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
Just say goodbye.

Well, I'm trying to put it all,
it all back into place,
the way things were before,
before I started the race.
~Melissa Ferrick
Your obscure music reference to help me start this post--that makes things easier. You see, this is my last day tending this community. I will be around until the 24th on all of my other communities (except Diabetes). This one gets an early swap though (and is why I had a shadow). Andie starts as the official moderator for this community after today.

This community has gifted me with so much. I love it for the enthusiasm, for the encouragement you offer each other, for the knowledge, experiences, and true heart you share. This community--special in ways that I ramble about in meeting after meeting. I hope you know it and share it for years to come with others.

Take those small steps with this community. You can change your life and you can change others just by showing up here and being you.

Thanks to each of you for letting me into your life and taking me into yours. You can't imagine how honored and humbled I have been by being a part of your story.

So, don't say goodbye, just say goodbye.

Senior Community Moderator
RachaelK01 responded:
Louise, Just wanted to say thank you for all I have learned on here. Your insights have been a big part of the first steps of this journey. Rachael
Jis4Judy responded:
Is this some thing you want louise are you getting a new job or something? .. seems when we get comfy with a mod they change things up ...I am still missing Kyra. and she has been gone for some time you will be surely missed as much or even a bit more...
Hugs Judy:)
Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to RachaelK01's response:
Thank YOU Rachael. I wish you the best in your journey.
~Louise Senior Community Moderator
Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to Jis4Judy's response:
Thanks so much. Yes, this is something I chose. :-) Time to stretch my wings a bit.
~Louise Senior Community Moderator
Jis4Judy replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
Ok Louise fly away to your dreams it isn;t too bad if you are chooseing to fly away will miss you bunches and I wish you luck and joy..
Hugs Judy:)
jean4u replied to Jis4Judy's response:

I feel a group hug coming on. Did you get it?

You gave us, pardon the pun, much "food" for thought.

I wish you much success in all you do. Thank you for sharing about your family and your life. Thanks for giving to us.

Barb Jean
Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Louise, you have left me some BIG shoes to fill! The bond that you've created with this wonderful community is so apparent from the heartfelt goodbye to all the replies of members reaching out to you.

Thank you for allowing me to shadow you over the last weeks to learn your best practice and to get familiar with all of these great Members! We are sad to see you go, but share your joy in spreading your wings. :)

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better and will be jumping right in...please say Hello whenever you have a chance.

Hello there Diet Community! Here's to new friendships and diet success!