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    Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery Support
    skylark2025 posted:
    I recently (5 days ago) had the Gastric sleeve surgery. I am looking for other people that have had this procedure for information, support, tips, funny stories, whatever. I just know that my life has changed dramatically and in order for me to be successful I will need support and i want to offer that support as well.

    So, Hi my name is Dawn, and i just had gastric surgery...
    Berrygirl54 responded:
    Hi Dawn,
    Congratulations on your decision to improve your health!

    Check out, it's free, just need to register. I had gastric bypass 6 years ago and find the site helpful when I need support. There are many forums, one of which is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

    Good luck, I know you'll be a success too.
    KitKate16 responded:
    Hi Dawn,

    I had the gastric sleeve surgery in June 2010, and I can share that I have had incredible success with it! I have lost 55 pounds! I feel incredible and am happy with the results.

    I would love to talk more with you about this and I agree it is good to have a support system.
    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
    Hi and thanks so much for your posting Dawn. And, welcome to the board. Your procedure is becoming one of the more popular new bariatric surgeries. Normally, the bariatric surgeon's office should be providing a nutritionist as well as a psychologist and fitness professional to help guide you, both preoperatively and postoperatively. I would hope that this has been made available to you. Insurance usually pays for these services as well. There should also be a support group of that surgeon's pre and postop patients for you to avail yourself of. Please inquire and network with these folks as well.

    Here's the bottom line with any bariatric surgery. You need to be carefully following the nutritionist's guidelines for appropriate foods for consumption postop, as you'll only be able to ingest a small amount of food at any one sitting. You'll have a drastically reduced appetite and many people make the mistake of undereating big time. There will be trial and error as you discover which food combos work for you so be patient. The sleeve takes 6-10 weeks to fully heal and sometimes there is baseline inflammation that can cause problems with digestion. You must stay in good communication with your physician in follow up, esp for problems like this.

    You also need to become more active. Just get up and walk. Keep a journal of eating and activity. If you can only walk one block now, fine. Over time that will be 2 block and eventualy a mile or more. The heavier you are, the more cals you burn so now's the time to get up and move. As well, you must do this to build into your lifestyle more activity which you'll do for the rest of your life, not just during some weight loss period.

    Finally, you really need assistance with your mind. When significant changes occur in a body that's been heavy for years (perhaps a lifetime), you need lots of psychological support to guide you through this sometimes traumatic transformation. A licensed social worker or counselor is a very cost effective way to go for the long term. Make sure it's someone who is experienced with weight managment and body image issues.

    Good luck and let us know how you're doing,

    Dr Peeke
    Rosegraham replied to KitKate16's response:
    I am very interested in getting the sleeve but I have three questions. Can I still have 1-2 beers about once a week? Can i have diet soda? I wasn't sure with the carbonation. Can I still eat spicy foods? I really don't want to tell anyone other than my husband about the surgery because I don't want advice from people who don't understand what it is like to be fat. Did you tell people about it?
    Rosegraham replied to Berrygirl54's response:
    Can you drink beer, diet soda or eat spicy food?
    shelbyray69 responded:
    Hi Dawn! I have not had the sleeve surgery but am scheduled to in June. I'm very excited to start my new life and I have already begun eating smaller portions through out the day. I was told that unlike the lap-band, carbonated drinks or spicy foods do NOT affect it, once it's healed. I plan on eating fresh salsa, and homemade mexican food. As well as sparkling water, regular water has gotten to be boring for me! Let us know how your doing!
    -You tell yourself when it's time to give up, no one else can decide that for you.-
    custerlynn responded:
    Hi I have just had gastric sleeve surgery on the 25th right now I am wondering what I got myself into. Very sore and hard to get anything down. Ended up in the ER on the 28th to get IVs so better today. When do you start feeling better. What are good things to drink or eat that go down well? Any ideas will help. Good luck to you.
    custerlynn replied to Rosegraham's response:
    No carbonated drinks and you are not to drink either your stomach is very small and cant handle the carbonation. I just had the surgery done and right now wonder why I did not try harder on other diets. It is so hard right now but I am sure when I loose weight I will be more excited. I need this surgery as I am not only overweight but have Diabetes. It will be worth it in the end.
    pattysrose replied to custerlynn's response:
    Hello. My name is Patty. I would like to hear from you personally. Please write me @ . I am strongly considering having the Lap Banding Procedure. I am currently trying to go on a modified version of the Adkins diet, lots of water, no carbinated beverages, no fake sugars, etc. Please reply & we can discuss this further. I am 53 years old and moving forward now that I am a widow... in all aspects of my life. Thanks & God Bless, Patty
    tamib62 responded:
    Hi Dawn, My name is Tami, and I have had my gastric sleeve surgery done on Feb. 29, 2011. Congratulations on having yours done. I know it is tough right now, but it will get better. Your body will let you know what you can and can not eat. It has been very challenging and rewarding at the same time. I live in a very small town and not many people have had the gastric sleeve done, so I feel quite alone. I found this website so I too can get some information. I have lost 65 lbs. so far, but am now at a plateau. I have a bad back and even walking bothers me. I am right now trying to exercise to a 15 min. walking video with hand weights. I know I will overcome my problems that i'm encountering and I know you will figure yours out as well. If you would like to chat you can contact me at . I would also like others to contribute their personal stories to maybe give me some insight.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to tamib62's response:
    Hi tami and welcome!

    You've responded to a 2 year old and 3 month old discussion. I'd suggest you repost introducing yourself using the orange "post now" button up there ^^^^. That way, members can see your post and respond.

    I'm glad you're here - it's a great place to get information, support and expert input.

    woriedinrichmond responded:
    Hi Dawn , My name is Michelle I will be having Gastric Sleeve on the 22 of October. I to am looking for some support. If you like you can add me on face book michelle chaffins. So we can keep in touch daily. I am worried about differant things. and it will help alot to have someone to talk to..
    woriedinrichmond replied to Rosegraham's response:
    at first I told people. then I didn't get it done because of all the negative talk. but 2 years later here I am fixing to have Gastric Sleeve next month. And only my closest friend and my inside my home family knows this time. I am a little scared , But I think that is natural to be. I know it's going to be a big change. but to me someone who has been fat my whole life it will be worth it. I will feel better , and alot of my heath problems will be gone. I can say to you . do what you feel is right for you. and no one else. there is people out here like you and me that knows the struggles everyday of being far as the eating goes I don't realy know all that yet. but I do know someone that has had it done and drinks a beer or 2 every week.. I think it mostly depends on you. what you can tolorate. feel free to add me on face book if you would like michelle chaffins. good luck in what ever decision you make..
    jonrhon replied to woriedinrichmond's response:
    woriedinrichmond - Pleaseee keep in touch. I am going thru the beginning process of having the sleeve. Because I am self-pay, hopefully I will have it done before the end of 2012! Please let me know how your doing!!

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