Grapeseed oil vs Olive oil
ladeluver posted:
I've read that grapeseed oil is better for you than olive oil. It's lighter in taste, so it can be used in salad dressings,drizzled on vegetables, etc. It also has a higher smoke point for grilling or frying. Cost must be the reason it's not spoken about more?
Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Ladeluver,

Welcome to the Diet Community and thanks for asking about the difference between grapeseed and olive oil. I hadn't heard much about grapeseed oil, but did a little poking around to find a couple articles of interest.

Food & Cooking Expert, Ellen Magee, took a nutritional look at 22 types of fats and oils and chose the healthiest (and tastiest) oils, spreads, and shortenings in this article, Rating the Cooking Fats .

And in this interview, Chef Michel Nischan tells us when it comes to healthier cooking with oils , preference depends on what and how you're cooking, as well as your taste preference:

"Use the right oil or fat at the right time...Olive oil is healthy for your heart, but degrades when used to sauté foods at high temperatures".

I'm sure our community members will jump in here soon with their tips. I would also encourage you to ask our Food & Cooking Community your question, too.

Please let us know what else you find out. I hope you come back and we see lots more from you on the Diet Community! :)
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