Writing it down....Do you?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
I've always been more successful with healthy eating and exercise goals when I write down what I'm doing or put my goals down on paper and post it.

I've gotten out of the habit but am starting new today! How about you? Do you put pen to paper to help you reach goals?

jcm11 responded:
Hi there! that's a very nice and effective habit you have. I am doing the same thing. When I am planning something about anything especially about health and wellness issues, I do write down all the steps, possible ways and furthers plans to achieve a certain goal. This type of habit is truly helpful, it keeps records for people to remember in cases when small details are sometimes forgotten or it will also serve as a review for people to see what other things to add. This practice is very effective for dieters and other people with weight management goals, keeping a record will tract the time and things that have been performed and the things to be done. It is an example of a good start in taking in control with your own health and wellness.
3point14 responded:
Every day. I have a planner and in it I write what I eat, when I ate, how much I ate: along with that I keep track of how much sleep I got, at what time I took my birth control, what I did for exercise (and for how long) and my general mood.

hahaha Also, I am a weeeee bit OCD