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ajchill3103 posted:
I don't have any junk in my house. I know if I did I would eat it of course, but I have been on a pretty strict diet for a bout 4 months now, but every now and then I get these cravings for something filled with sugar! Is it normal? I try to go for a run depending on the time if it gets too bad but its mostly happening to me in the evening! It does make me angry I guess I can say, because I just dont know how to handle it. I have tried to help it by eating fruit, but it doesnt! I feel like I should be able to get over it by now, but for some reason I can't
Jis4Judy responded:
How long have you been on your plan ? I think it took me about 6 months to get the sweet cravins under control... I use fruit and a little brown sugar to satify my craveing mashed strawberries 1 teaspoon brown sugar and 1/3 to 1/2 C up of plain fat free yogurt thats my go to sweet.. once a day .
also when I broke my rule for sweets the craveings come back
and try to take over I have a massive sweet tooth that seems to be allways there waiting to tempt me ..
I read on someones post that said " I will not be controlled by a candy bar " you can fill in any sweet you feel that is controlling you . and use that as you mantra
good Luck hugs Judy:)
Sw 247 Cw 153ish remember the gold isn;t in the prize it is in the journey! life may not be the party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
My strongest craving is for a cheeseburger - at least 1x a month! Here's an article about 13 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

I found this interesting: "Sweet is the first taste humans prefer from birth," says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, a dietitian and American Dietetic Association (ADA) spokeswoman.

Makes sense that we love sugar!

jean4u replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
I think some people just crave sweets more than others. I never craved sweets, even as a child. Just weird, I know.

But chips and pizza are another thing. I buy the baked snacks and limit pizza to the thin crust only, and portion control.

Haylen, did YOU even have to remind me that cheeseburgers still exist!

What I try to do is re-formulate the food I crave by de-caloring, de-fatting and de-carbing it. Oh, and portion control it, too. I Google "Hungry Girl" recipes all the time, to see what she does.

We can do this!

jcm11 responded:
It is very tempting to eat sugary foods especially in times when you are strictly following a healthy diet. This truly test your patience and will on following the right way for your health. Any dieter really experience the same thing, increasing your self-motivation and willingness on totally following your diet plans will do good and better for you. Help yourself avoid breaking your diet plans, because it is easier to continue on what you have started for 4 months now rather than to start again after breaking the rules and gaining even more weight.
ajchill3103 replied to jcm11's response:
Hi everyone! Thanks for responding to my post! I appreciate the advice. Haylen I did read that article and found it to be very helpful! I have tried some of the things that were listed but def. not all of them. I am starting to train for marathons and my coach and team are pretty legit and very supportive. My coach was pleased with my diet plan, but he is very strict too, especially when it comes to our weight, body fat, training. and of course or diets! He checks us once or twice a week to make sure we don't cheat =) I havent given in to the cravings and I def. feel that if I took just one bite it would be like starting over, and that just isn't worth it to me! I did learn something about myself, having to fight these cravings. I use raisins and dark chocolate, because they are sweet and I hate them. So when I want something sugary/sweet I can probably stand eating a few raisins and a tiny piece of dark chocolate and it completely turns me off I guess I could say! I don't know why this is working for me right now, but I am going to do that to myself along with a few new things I got from the article! Thank you so much everyone and I wish all of you the best of luck on your journey to become healthier and happier too!

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