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Product does Not work!
Karpintor posted:
Roca Labs is a Total fraud....Sue away if you like. I used it for several months with NO weight loss at all. The claims of 80% full is, well a bunch of Horse manure. You can not get any customer service to talk on the phone for more than 2 minutes with out being "Accidently Dissconected" Waste of money, and time. I strongly Urge AGAINST this product!

debronj responded:
It seems like we have had two completely different experiences with this company. I have only been on the formula for a little while but I have had results already. They do say that results is based on the customer, so if you aren't eating right how can you expect to lose weight?
abnersmom replied to debronj's response:
I don't know anything about this product , but if you are eating right, why do you need it? I'm also curious about how many people who DO lose weight with it keep the weight off,
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
Hi and thanks for your posting. Have a look at the email stream on this product under the Weight Loss without Bariatric Surgery heading. See my responses as well. At the end of the day, everyone is different and you'll note that for $500, you could have a big bowl of fresh veggie soup, a protein smoothie, or a plate of veggies and get cheaper more natural results for fullness.

Dr Peeke
debronj replied to abnersmom's response:
I've decided to blog about the formula. You should check it out here:
2013shiv responded:

I been on this product 3 days. I feel it working. so far lost 2 lbs. yes, customer service SUCKS. still i'm happy with product. keep you guys posted what happens next.
2013shiv replied to 2013shiv's response:
thats ROca Labs
undefined responded:
I didn't had an experience like your. I lost 50 lbs. It was hard but I did thanks to Roca Labs
compoundia responded:
Hi, Every medicine doesn't suits every one. But still it is better to do exercises to loose weight instead of taking fat burner medicines.

Compoundia Pharmacy
heartgann responded:
If I were you do not believe in those nonsense product as they are not helpful. If you want to lose weight then try eating smaller meals a day, eat a balance diet, cut your intake of carbs and make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Also, try incorporating exercise along with the diet to notice changes in your body when you weigh in.
CarlSlater responded:
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healthymama22 responded:
I agree, I ordered Roca Labs and it hasn't helped with my weight loss. It tastes horrible as well. $480 lost but lesson learned. I will do my research before I try a "miracle" product again. I've started to lose weight but not from Roca Labs. I started using Garcinia Cambogia and my T25 workouts. I've lost about 15 lbs in 5 weeks. I found out the hard way that in order to lose weight you have to put in work. Anything that sounds too good to be true probably is.
coachcindyb replied to healthymama22's response:
Healthymama22 - Congrats on the 15 pound loss. That's great! I love that T25 is only 25 minutes literally. I am assuming you have children based on your screen name. I have 3 myself and T25 was a great solution for me. I also love the new p90x3 just 30 minutes. . .
susan031 responded:
Hi ... I am in this product too.. But perhaps it did'nt work for me because I have another problem why I gained weight... I tried another one.. I found it also here in WebMD... and it does work for me..

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