Recovering from Starvation mode
thecreepingwolf posted:
Hi. I'm a 20 year old female attempting to recover from depression induced starvation. I was doing well dieting and exercising having gone from 260lbs to 202. Then I started starving myself (1000 calories a day or less). Within 4 months my weight went up to 247. It's been 2 years since i messed myself up. Even with a 4 hour a week exercise routine i haven't been able to lose much because of not eating enough. Only within the last 2 weeks have i been able to maintain healthy eating levels. I was wondering:

How long it may take my body to recover from the on and off starving and start losing weight again?

Should I stop my 4 hour per week regimen while trying to correct my eating habits? I'm scared exercising could interfere with the body's efforts to balance out post starvation mode.

brunosbud responded:
I don't mean to be argumentative...

but gaining an average of 2.5 pounds every week for the last 4 months on a diet consisting of only a 1000 cals/day is possible...

...if you been encased in a block of ice or you're from the planet Crypton...

, allow Dr, Peeke to address your questions (and set you straight). Follow, her instructions as best you can and keep posting to this board so we may follow your results. Be patient and diligent and you will become healthy, again.

Good luck.
holub replied to brunosbud's response:

Your response is both rude and uninformed. You CAN actually ggain 2.5 pounds every week for 4 months eating 1000 calories per day. I can completely empathize with the creeping wolf. In fact, I gained 80 pounds in 6 months from the same thing. When bodies are starving for nutrients, they'll do some crazy things, and who are you to even say anything so rude?! It's really hard going through a situation like that, and it's people like you who make it even harder. You should be ashamed of yourself, and maybe one day karma will catch up to you.
brunosbud replied to holub's response:
I've had many bad karma days, holub. I lost my kid sister and father on the same week, actually. One from cancer and the other from Type 2 Diabetes...7 days apart. And, you know what, I know that I will experience many more tragedies in my lifetime... hopefully. Because without the dark days, we can never gain appreciation for the sunny ones. Yin with no Yang would be hell.

With that aside, I reread what I wrote and you're right. I'll concede the sentiment was harsh. I do feel shame. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
brunosbud replied to holub's response:
Last night, I watched the Lance Armstrong interview and I thought to myself, the worst karma you can ever have is when you've told so many lies you can't remember what the truth is anymore. Time and time, again, we're confronted with making a choice between truth and lie. And, time and time, again, we learn there's only one version of the truth and, should we choose it, we'll be OK. Lance Armstrong is brutally learning this lesson, now, but I think everyone realizes, the worst is coming to an end, and he's going to be just fine...

I hope the same for you, holub. That's the truth.