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Truck driver help!!
tnmom2amk posted:
My boyfriend is a local truck driver. His work hours are usually 6am-8pm. Breakfast consists of banana and yogurt and lunch is usually pb&j or fast food. He has veggies, nuts, and dry cereal (chex, cheerios, etc) for snack and dinner is usually non-existant because by the time he gets home, he has time to shower and go to bed. His exercise consists of unloading freight weighing between 25-150 lbs, as well as pulling himself up into the truck multiple times a day. All great for upper body, but not for chest down, lol!
He is on multiple medications for ptsd, which we know are contributing to the weight gain, but he has gone from 200 to 250 within the past 6 months. He has no room for anything other than his cooler in the cab of the truck and has to eat foods that do not require heating, which makes packing lunch very hard. We've done the boiled eggs and ham/turkey/pbj sandwiches, "cuties" already peeled, apple slices, etc. This has to be easy and ready to eat and not sloppy/messy.
Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
Hi and thanks so much for your posting. Welcome to our community exchange as well. Here are some thoughts:

In the cooler, keep chicken breasts and turkey slices/.wraps for meals as well as snacks. It is imperative he gets lots of protein as he must maintain his muscles for the kind of work he's doing.

In the cooler he should keep pre-made protein shakes--- there are many brands that work. Again these can be snacks or ever meals if there is little time. Try to keep some salad fixings in the cooler as well--- he needs veggies as well as fruit. His breakfast would be better if he had a 4-5 egg white omelette or had three egg whites with the yogurt. The PBJ is great so long as the jelly part is controlled, as refined sugars can kick up his appetite. Add some low fat cheese which he can have with apples. Also throw in some of his favorite Greek Yogurt along with fixings--- walnuts., berries (frozen will thaw out in the cooler).

The toughest part of day is in the middle and toward the end when he is tired and vulnerable to eating fast food junk. That's why he needs to have the shakes and protein and veggies to help fill him up.

He needs to plan on when he's eating every day--- should be about every 4 hours. That will keep him more satisfied.

He needs to try to decrease his intake of bread products and the typical cereal foods. They kick up appetite and don't satisfy.

Finally, the meds he's on may be stimulating his appetite so it's important to work around that with well planned out meals and some time to get out and walk a bit, if not just to stretch legs.

Try a few of these and let us know how he does.

Dr. Peeke
tnmom2amk replied to Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP's response:
Thank you!! The thing with breakfast is, he doesn't cook, lol!! That means that I would have to get up to cook. Not something I want to do at 5am, lol! The pb&j, I fix for him the night before and just use enough to add the jelly flavor, maybe 1 tbs.
We have some of the protein drinks so maybe I will try slipping a couple in his cooler, as well as the low fat string cheese he likes. He does have a bowl with carrots, celery, brocolli & sometimes beans and asparagus.
What's your opinion on the pre-cooked frozen chicken breasts? Are they just as healthy or just packed with preservatives and sodium?
I know that a big part of the weight gain are the ptsd meds he is on. The one that he didn't gain on, we didn't see any improvement so he was taken off it. Plus with the sleep Rx, he used to get up during the night for snacks. Additional meds added 3 months ago helped with that, so he doesn't wake nearly as often.
RoseLynn02 replied to tnmom2amk's response:
My husbands an OTR driver, so I get what you go through. Luckily he is home most weekends with me & our daughters, but I spend half of our weekend cooking his food for the week...he has a microwave in his truck though & an amazing metabolism.
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP replied to tnmom2amk's response:
HI there. Boy, I sure wouldn't want ANYONE to get up at 5AM and cook! LOL back to ya! Frankly a protein shake makes for a terrific breakfast for a guy on the go. He can also sip it as he drives. Oatmeal cooked in the microwave, topped with thawed out blueberries, walnuts and flaxseed is another way to go. Takes about 3 mins to coordinate.
Regarding the chicken breasts--- why don't you just cook up a batch yourself and throw them in tupperware for him to have all day long. Same goes with salmon--- cook it up and have ready for him. A rotisserie chicken is another way to go. Any processed poultry tends to have more salt in it. Read the labels carefully. There's nothing in the world better than doing it yourself. Make it a ritual--- bake or grill on a Sunday for Mon-Wed, then do it again on Wed for Thur and Fri. Throw in veggies and salads fixin's as well.
He needs to drink lots of water throughout the day. And stay the heck away from the fast food junk. He won't want it if he is satisfied with your wonderful cookin!
Dr Peeke

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