pituitary atrophy
mad_mike posted:
the report from a recent MRI for neck pain included a side note about my pituitary gland. it appears atrophied, but in the reporter's opinion there's enough tissue to carry on.

being a worrier, i began reading about this on the internet and i wanted to confer with some folks here concerning it.

it seems like about a dozen years or so, my metabolism came to a grounding halt. i gained 80 lbs and haven't been able to lose it. i blamed it on medication, and last year found if i stopped taking an NSAID, i lost... and i have, 83 lbs!!! i've been counting calories and walking a lot too... so its not just the lack of meds... strange thing though, i was doing the same things before i stopped taking the medication and i couldn't lose.

because of a herniated disk in my neck, i'm once again taking NSAIDS and other pain killers... i'm gaining weight like crazy and retaining fluids... i try to do without the meds, but the pain overwhelms me and i cave.

is it possible there's a connection with the way i'm reacting to the medication and the pituitary?

i live in this body 24/7, and i see the link between weight gain and the nsaids... i'd like to know why?
mad_mike responded:
should have said in the 2nd paragraph, that it wasn't just stopping the medication that made me lose weight. the medication was preventing the loss, even though i was restricting my calories.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Congratulations on your weight loss. WebMD can't advise or diagnose over the internet but you can read reader reviews of drugs and medications here:

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You might find some that have had similar experiences. As always, please check with your doctor before stopping or starting any medication.