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cane1 posted:
hi there and how are you? I have been put on Simvastatin to lower my Cholesterol again and once more I am gaining a lot of weight. Could someone Please tell what I could do to lower my Cholesterol and not gain weight?
thank you and have a blessed day
bobby75703 responded:
You are certainly not the first person to complain of weight gain while taking a statin.

One of the suspected reasons some people gain weight on statins is interference with selenoproteins. Following is a link to Pubmed exploring why statins may interfere with thyroid function.


One way to lower blood lipids, and combat weight is calorie reduction, and increased physical activity. However I must caution you there is one side effect. You might feel great!
cane1 replied to bobby75703's response:
Dear bobby75703,
hi there and hope that you are well?
Thank You so very much for responding and telling me something to think about.
have a blessedday
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to cane1's response:
Hi cane1!

Here is a link to the WebMD Heath Center. You'll find many suggestions there that might help you as you work to lower your cholesterol:

Cholesterol Management Center

I agree with Bobby on the side effect of feeling great!

cane1 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi there Haylen-WebMD,
thank you for responding, I have looked into that site and between bobby75703 and your suggestions I will be okay, thanks.
have a blessed day