juliecc71 posted:
Hi. I'm new here. i was just wondering if anyone has had the same problems i have, with getting started on a healthy plan. My problem is eating breakfast. I don't get hungry for quite some time after i wake (partly because i drink coffee). Then I'm rushing out the door for work and have no time to fix anything good. What is a good "on the go" breakfast?
brunosbud responded:
Congrats. You've identified why "getting started" is a problem...A "good", "on the go" breakfast while "rushing out the door" is a contradiction in terms.
3point14 responded:
Fruit, especially a banana. Or an apple sliced up with peanut butter on it. Oatmeal in a Tupperware container takes literally 45 seconds to heat up and you can take bites as you drive. A peanut butter and jelly (on whole wheat) that you make the night before.

Sliced veggies that you slice the night before. Hummus on pita bread with veggies added to it. Little bag of baby carrots. Toast with hummus, or toast with honey, or toast with peanut butter. A smoothie that you make and chill the night before.
totallywiggedout responded:
scrambled eggs take about 2 min tops, top with some grated parmesean cheese, either roll into a flour tortilla or stuff half of a whole wheat pita pocket and walk out the door.
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Tomato05 responded:
If you boil a couple of eggs the evening before, you could take three or so with you (I eat only the egg-whites, maybe one yolk now and then); you could add 1/2 small container of yogurt and a small piece of fruit. Take a form of condiment for the boiled eggs, or they'll be too bland (a spice, herb or salt/black pepper mixture, soy sauce or something like that).

Alternatively, a protein shake but I always believe real food is better.