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KaRiNa_89 posted:
I am 23 years old. I am 5'0 and I am weighing at 150lbs. I want to lose weight so bad and I just started my diet last week which help me lose 3lbs so far. I need to know if I plan on toning my body in this process of losing 30lbs how long will it take me? I have been 120lbs all my life up until I had my two children. Now I am 30lbs heavier and I hate it. Im trying to accomplish this goal within the next 2 months.. I need help!
WendyLu2 responded:
Losing 30lbs in 2 months is dangerous, and any fad-diets will just make it worse! Sure they help to get the weight off quick, but you gotta think that it probably took more than 2months to put it on so its gonna take more than 2months to get it off. And a lot of those diets work for a few weeks and can make things worse in a month. If you lose 10 in a week more then likely your losing muscle instead of fat and then when you start eating at your norm again you'll just be adding it back on and maybe more. Its gotta be more then a "diet" its gotta be a life change. It cant just be a 800 calorie diet for two weeks and then back to eating out or whatever you choose from then on out. Its about making healthy choices all around. Use the BMI caculator on here and find what will help you gradually. Diet and Exercise is the best option. Find out what your RMR is and keep a log, add exercise and you'll see results. I use the "loseit" app on my iphone that way I can keep track of the foods I eat and the exercise I do each day. Try to stick with a plan for 6 days of the week and give yourself a day off; say on saturday or sunday. Good Luck!
wahlum responded:
The best diet that I can recommend is to do portion control, exercise, and patience, which in turn will help you lose the weight. Forget crash diets, they are dangerous to your health.
totallywiggedout responded:
With a good diet and upped exercise, mostly cardio, you should lose approx 2 lbs a week. That's the uppermost amount to safely lose while getting all the nutrients (from good food choices, NOT just a daily vitamin).
If you lose that 30 lbs in the 2 months you have alotted yourself, you won't be teaching yourself anything about good eating habits and I promise you, YOU WILL GAIN IT BACK. You need to do it right, slowly , with the right food choices and the suggested 64 oz or more of water. If you want it to last, it can't be a quick fix. Plus, you have to remember, how you eat affects your children. They will see if you aren't eating right, this will stay with them and could make them make the same ill conceived tactics when they are grown.
Diet and Exercise go hand in hand----
Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rogers
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
Hi and thanks for your posting. Post baby weight is a major challenge for women and especially shorter than average women who don't have room to spare! You're young and that's going to work for you.
Log onto the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner and you'll get started on the right foot as you plan for your nutrition and exercise.
Pop a patience pill. Your body has been through a lot with the weight ups and downs associated with pregnancy. You're not going to shed it all overnight.
The goal is not to drop the weight, but to drop it and KEEP IT OFF. you can't do that with fad diets or starving yourself.
Plan on walking briskly every day and simple delicious meals and snacks scattered throughout the day in small feedings. You may be young but you're still 5'0 and therefore you're not going to be eating like Venus Williams. That's why you need to know your cals through the Food and Fitness Planner.
Lifting weight or doing any kind of resistance training is so terribly important to build cal burning muscles and to tone well.
Dropping 30 pounds in 2 months is pushing it. Shedding 2 pounds per week max will be a more reasonable goal, as that is the limit of true fat loss per week in a woman. Anything more is usually water.
Be patient and methodical. You can do this.
Dr. Peeke
KaRiNa_89 replied to Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP's response:
Thank you very much. Words of encouragement. I have been walking everyday for an 1hr and I do other exercises such as spquats, power punching, jumping jacks, hula hooping, push ups and sit ups. Do you think all this is to much on my body or do you think I will be ok? I drink water through-out the whole day and when I go walking I use a sauna top. Do you think that is dangerous?
KaRiNa_89 replied to WendyLu2's response:
Thank you. Your knowledge is appreciated.
KaRiNa_89 replied to totallywiggedout's response:
Thank you. Your knowledge is appreciated.
totallywiggedout replied to KaRiNa_89's response:
Do you have alot of cellulite on your breasts?? What exactly do you hope to gain with the sauna top? or lose?? Personally I think that a couple of layers of all cotton tops,or shirts are better. They wick away moisure from your skin and help to stabilize your body temp as you work out.
You really need to check how many calories each exercise that you do burns. Because if you do too much, and max out the calories that you are taking in, then your body will start to kick into a starvation cycle where it won't burn as much or as fast. It'll retain everything. And I have read that the human body will burn muscle, and begin to eat away at your vital organs before it will burn its fat stores in starvation mode. Remember it takes Fuel (calories) to burn a Fire and keep it stoked. If you are doing that much exercise daily, then you will have to up your caloric intake to balance those calories burned, PLUS the necessary calories it takes just to survive in "at rest mode".
Diet and Exercise go hand in hand----
Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rogers
Newmeek replied to totallywiggedout's response:
It's possible. I lost 46lbs in 14 weeks without fad dieting and taking pills. Exercise, water, and portion control can go a very long way!!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi KaRiNa!

I'm checking in to see how you are doing this week - I have two children as well - finding the time to exercise and fighting fatigue are my biggest challenges!

Ezmom50 responded:
My husband was dx with cancer last year and while I remained steadfast that all would be ok, my eating got way out of control. With the help of my doctor, I went on apidex. It took me two weeks to get started but once I did I was determined to lose the weight. I take the medicine each morning and then 30 minutes later I eat a yogurt and protein bar. I drink a lot of water, eat chicken, fresh vegetables,some red meat. In the beginning I gave up all fast food, and pop and switched to coffee. I put five pound weights on my ankles and walk all day long with them. I have learned portion control and when to say no. I never say no to chocolate , but quickly caught on to Granola thins, which curb my chocolate need. I made up excercises in my house and do them throughout the day. If you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit. I have lost 55 lbs and although I still see myself as heavy, I have gone from a size 18/20 to a 12. I got rid of all my clothes so I now have to be accountable for what I put in my mouth every day. C. It is a struggle everyday, but I am glad I sought help from my doctor. Good luck to you.
LAPPDS responded:
I had tried so many things to loose wait mixed with plenty of
excuses why it wouldn't work. I finally started writiing down everything I ate along with calories, fat, fiber, carbs and protein numbers. This made me really aware of what I was putting in my mouth. I also weighed and measure everything. In six months I lost 67 pounds and am still loosing. I am now aware of eexactly what I am eating and determine if the calories or fat are worth it. Many times, I decide it isn't. I also watch eating out. Once I looked up the nutrional values of my favorite restaurants, I realized often the food wasn't that good. You can do it! Dropping sizes and having people notice keeps you motivated.

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