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How is your breakfast?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
How do you start your day in a healthy way? Or do you skip breakfast?

Share your favorite breakfast here to start off your day successfully -


ps - see this new article that might give you some ideas for a good breakfast:
Eggs at Breakfast May Delay Hunger - A Morning Meal With Eggs Makes You Feel Full Longer Than Cereal, Study Shows
bobby75703 responded:
Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism. I usually eat a couple of eggs. Some fresh fruit. Coffee. Maybe some natural yogurt.
marnold1971 responded:
Fresh fruit like strawberries and pineapple, greek yogurt and coffee
totallywiggedout responded:
I try not to skip breakfast, I like either 1 slice of homemade french toast and a couple of zigzags of syrup w/ the rest of the beaten egg scrambled, and a cup of almond milk. Or 1 lg poached egg on 1/2 of a 100 calorie whole grain english muffin, the other 1/2 toasted and spread with 1 tsp sugar free orange marmalade and coffee.
Diet and Exercise go hand in hand----
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abnersmom responded:
On work week days, it's oatmeal with blueberries or some other fresh fruit or All Bran with raisins and skim milk. On weekends, I will scramble an egg, sometimes with turkey sausage, sometimes fresh fruit, sometimes whole wheat toast. No matter how rushed I am, I eat breakfast - mainly because I'm hungry!
JKhealth responded:
For me, breakfast is all about fiber. I like to be as regular as a clock, and Fiber One Original (1 cup, 114% Daily Value for fiber) keeps me that way. I add a cup of skim milk, 2 tbl wheat germ, either a banana or blueberries, and even occasionally 15 oz of chopped walnuts if I'm really hungry. That's about 390 calories without the walnuts, 496 with. Easily keeps me satisfied for five hours.

If I want something hot, I'll have steel-cut oats, but that has less fiber and takes a while to make. So that's only a couple times a week.
jis4judy responded:
Hi Haylen
I eat breakfast every morning mostly because I wake up hungry .

It is frequetly bran cereal kashi heart to heart and post great grains crunchy pecan these I mix together a half cup bran flakes 1/4 cup of the other 2 add berries and a spinkle of cinnamon fat free milk a half an orange coffe black and that the most often breakfast .
sometimes I have 2 eggs soft boiled on pumpenickel toast a half and orange coffee

other times I have oatmeal takes a while to cook it I serve that 2 different ways allwy use old fashioned oats

1 oatmeal cooked with dried cranberries cinnamon honey a few drops vanilla
fat free milk at the end I add chopped apples and let set for 5 minutes the heat sort of cooks the thin apples
serve with a sprinkle of chopped walnuts or almonds

2 this oatmeal is so decadent
I cook the old fashions oats in fat free milk add a scoop of natural peanut butter a few drops vanilla cook till done
serve topped with s few dark chocolate chips they melt and swirl through add a few slices Banana
this is nearly 500 cals with all included I eat this sometimes not often
other egg breakfast is a red pepper omlet sometimes add mushrooms always have a half orange with every breakfast and coffe is a staple too

Hugs Judy:)
Sw 247 Cw 149ish

remember the gold isn;t in the prize it is in the journey!
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acresume responded:
I usually start my day with a bowl of multi-grain cheerios with fresh strawberries or a banana and sometimes a cup of tea. I have high blood pressure and have to watch my salt intake for the day. This breakfast choice seems to work for me so far.
I think I should start walking/exercising more now that the weather in the great northeast is getting much better.
dmariex responded:
Cream of Wheat with Almond Milk, Or Oatmel wiht sliced almonds, raisins, and a banana, or yogurt (greek) with fresh or frozen berries
captain72 responded:
I`m type2 diebetic& when I eat cold cereal &toast for breakfast it fades fast on me. Eggs,sausage or bacon&eggs or any other combonation works great. Hot cereal isn`t too bad either.
opiec1 responded:
Upon waking, I drink 3 8oz glasses of distilled water 15 minutes apart. Then on the way to work another 24 oz. Start breakfast with an apple, then instant oatmeal with a scoop of protien powder, spoonful of sunflower seeds, a handful of bluberries, and a tablespoon of honey all mixed up. Yum!

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