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    A Perspective on the HBO series: "The Weight of the Nation"
    brunosbud posted:
    Response from the show is a little disappointing so I decided to start this thread...For those who have not seen it (or have no intentions to), a few excerpts from the recently aired "The Weight of the Nation" on HBO.


    "Obesity is driving the epidemic of diabetes."

    "57% of the kids in Philadelphia are overweight or obese."

    "A Child born in 2000 has a 1 in 3 lifetime chance of having diabetes...If that child is African American or Latino, its 1 in 2. "

    "Being overweight or obese increases a child's risk of developing asthma by 52%."

    "13% of all children who die, in autopsy studies, have non-alcholic fatty liver disease...this is a disease we've never seen, before. It didn't exist, before...and, now 38% of obese children have it!

    "Obesity creates an enormous number of health problems...There's hardly any part of your body that it doesn't harm. It increases your risk of cancer. It increases your risk of joint problems."

    "More than 66% of people with arthritis are overweight."

    "Obesity negatively affects the function of the human brain. The higher the obesity, the less the activity of areas of the brain that are extremely important for cognitive operations."

    "Diabetes follows obesity as night follows day."

    There are seven factors for Ideal Cardiovascular Health...

    1. Optimal levels of Total Cholesterol
    2. Normal Blood Pressure
    3. No Diabetes
    4. Normal BMI
    5. Don't Smoke
    6. Perform Daily Exercise
    7. Eat a Healthy Diet

    "Less than 1% of the total population meet this criteria."

    "I always thought diabetes followed people that were huge...We weren't huge...But, we were overweight..."

    "We could have probably eaten better...We could have done a lot of things better if we knew it was leading to diabetes."

    "Someone who is obese costs, on average, more than $1,400 to care for more, per year, than someone whose not obese. Someone with diabetes costs, on average, more than $6,600 more to care for, per year, than someone without diabetes."

    "Collectively, Obesity costs $150 Billion a year. Of that, roughly half those costs are paid for by public funds...Medicaid and Medicare"

    "One of the things businesses are doing is increasing the premiums for obese individuals...North Carolina state employees, if obese, are being charged a higher rate. Alabama employees pay higher rates if they are obese. Private sector firms are doing similar things but, in fact, some are saying, "You know what? Its just too expensive." and they're moving their sites to India or China for cheaper labor and basically off-loading the cost, entirely."

    "What type of nation can live without a workforce that is healthy? What diabetes and obesity is doing is crippling the workforce. But beyond that, its crippling families, individuals, the communities."

    "27% of young people trying to get into the military cannot get in because they weigh too much. Think what kind of effect that has not just on the military but our police forces and fire departments...and work places around the country."

    "People who are overweight or people who already have diabetes does not mean that the game is already up."

    "Physical activity really is the wonder drug"

    brunosbud responded:
    I saved these two for last...

    "We're living in a "damage control" mode...where we're
    waiting for people to get sick, hospitalized, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular and cancer...and, then, we're investing an enormous amount to mitigate the chronic disease state. That's a huge drag on our economy."

    "In the Bogulusa Heart Study, only 7% (1 in 14) of participants who were of healthy weight as children became obese adults."

    To put everything in perspective, for every $1 collected by the IRS in 2011, 6 cents is being spent on obesity & diabetes. This is a staggering amount and, as the show reveals, is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Now, some would say, "C'mon, 6 pennies?...Stop crying you cheapskate!"

    Whether I'm Obese, Diabetic or both, a growing portion of my paycheck is going for their (oops, "our") care. Half A penny goes to pay for Heart Bypass surgeries. Another half goes to pay for knee and hip replacements. Half a penny for diabetic neuropathy and blindness. A penny for chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Another penny for Alzheimer's. A Half penny for Gastric Bypass surgery.
    1 1/2 pennies for Heart, Kidney and Liver transplants...

    If we had a different system of medicine, it wouldn't be a "big deal", too, but Prevention is not profitable. An auto mechanic likes to hear brakes squeal so they may replace rotors or master cylinders. There's profit in "waiting". The same is true for medicine. "Damage Control" medicine is insanely expensive...and profitable. And, the cornerstone of "wait-and-pay" medicine? Drugs. Drugs temporarily arrest symptoms and forestalls early intervention of an emerging problem that, one day, explodes into a catastrophic (and costly) event.

    Recently, I received a bunch of grief from a few fellow members on another board about a comment I made. It was regarding the cavalier use of sleeping pills. One member defended her right to use any means possible to get a good nights sleep and esentially told me to go fck myself. Others members quickly chimed in and threatened to leave the community in her support...One in particular demanded I share my CV! lol

    You know what? She's right. They're all right!

    It is none on my gd business what she does and, to a large degree, it no longer matters. She's already been trained and institutionalized and nothing I say, or anyone else for that matter, will change her mind. She believes taking prescription drugs to control disease is (1.) not only necessary but appropriate, (2.) is based on physician's orders and (3.) is providing quality of life. A person's choice to use whatever means necessary to keep them "healthy" is nobody's business and anyone who doesn't like it can go screw...

    The sad part about that unfortunate incident is that petty and silly arguments amongst honest, hard working parents, taxpayers and patriots only cloud and delude our focus and detract from resolving a problem that demands our utmost attention. Its not about drugs. Its not about profit. Its not about "Mind your own freakin' business!", either.

    Obesity and Diabetes has made it everyone's business.

    The Bogulusa Heart Study reveals our true goal...

    "Only 7% (1 in 14) of participants who were of healthy weight as children became obese adults."

    We need a national movement to stop Child Obesity and it must be grass roots driven. There are no more LBJs. There are no more JFKs. These men were ruthless bullies and, unfortunately, bullies are no where to be found since everyone's trying to squash bullying. Personally, I don't really care how its done, just so long as it gets done. And, for all those parents that cry foul and wish to exempt their kids from the program, I say, "Fine. Your kids are excused..."

    Just be sure you pay my 6 cents for their care when they get to be my age...
    jis4judy replied to brunosbud's response:
    Hi Brunosbud
    Did you see the one that had so many people in an area that had no supermarkets only corner stores with just junk to choose a food plan from... and about all the money going to corn and soybeans production to feed animals there is no one subsidizeing fresh vegies broccoli... the government can stop the subsidizeing or extend it to fresh vegies that maybe helpfull
    all that corn and soybeans is what is made into the high fructos corn syrup and other proccessed foods...
    I do believe we went too far in the proccessed food stuff ..
    that maybe the part that needs to change...
    I myself take zero prescription drugs My hubby does take a high BP med thats about it for us ...we have been on our nutrition quest for a long time ...but I would be unable to do that if we didn;t have the supermarkets aroung here
    I have about 4 of them all competeing for business.
    and in some areas of this conry there are none.. thats shamfull
    Hugs Judy:)
    Sw 247 Cw 149ish

    remember the gold isn;t in the prize it is in the journey!
    life may not be the party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance!
    brunosbud replied to jis4judy's response:
    Yes, I did see, Judy, and this was a "sensitive" part of the show that was not clearly explained, imo. Its sensitive because just as politics succumbs to special interests, so to must television...

    If you were to ask people the question, "How does the Farm Bill affect what our kids eat in school?" most could only shrug. Little do they know that its this massive piece of legislation that explains why you still see sloppy joes, pink lemonade, mash potatoes with gravy and sugar cookies served in school cafeterias around the country.

    1. We are obese because of what we eat.
    2. We eat what we eat because it's what our parents fed us.
    3. Our parents fed us what's cheap to buy.
    4. What's cheap to buy is based, on large part, on what our government subsidizes...

    The Farm Bill...

    When we think of farmers, we envision "produce" that we can see, touch, and feel in the supermarkets. But, the majority of crops that farmers grow in this country must, first, pass through the bellies of animals before they ever see our Meat and Dairy. This is what we eat...This is what's always on sale, every week...This is why we eat fast food. All courtesy of:

    The Farm Bill...

    With energy prices escalating, the Farm Bill must get bigger; a nation must be fed...

    The only question is: Fed what?
    jis4judy replied to brunosbud's response:
    Well said brunosbud I couldn;t have said that better if I tried..
    Hugs Judy:)
    Sw 247 Cw 149ish

    remember the gold isn;t in the prize it is in the journey!
    life may not be the party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance!
    abnersmom replied to brunosbud's response:
    I agree, Brunosbud. The politics that drives the school lunch program is astounding. Back in my day, we didn't have choices. Each student was served the same thing. I think, although I was unaware of good nutrition back then, that our lunches were fairly balanced. There's too much money involved to make appropriate changes at a level where it should be made; parents are the only hope our children have of learning good eating habits. I was certainly not a good role model for my son and I regret that. He on the other hand is raising 2 healthy boys who eat the ocassional junk food, but are lean, mean socer playing teens.
    brunosbud replied to abnersmom's response:
    "...parents are the only hope our children have of learning good eating habits..."

    I cannot agree more, abnersmom. And, the job starts at conception. More evidence is showing that healthy moms during pregnancy is the best insurance for a child's future health. It takes an informed citizenry to understand why this is so. The fight against Obesity begins in the classroom. Our teachers must become health educators; parent and child are the students. The times require we teach another "R" in school...Readin', Writin', Arithmetic & Runnin'.

    Note: The standard for bad role modeling is presently at "Dad puts baby in washing machine...then turns it on!". Now, that guy may have some explaining to do...
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to brunosbud's response:
    I agree as well - I have a 3 and 7 year old and we emphasize healthy eating and activity every day.

    However, I do believe parents (particularly moms) can do harm when being overly restrictive with a growing kids food. My mom was very, very strict about food in the house - water packed tuna, thin bread, tasteless wheat puff cereal. My brother and I both ended up with binge/secret eating issues.

    I'm happy to say that we are both in a great place but those years were tough!


    p.s. brunosbud - speaking of bad parenting - did you see the dad at the skateboard park wipe out with his unhelmeted baby? Unbelievable...
    brunosbud replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:

    See if you can dig up some videos on how to play four square, nation ball and tether ball. When I pass an elementary school and see kids not getting smashed in the face with a ball, it makes me want to cry. At my school, our nurse performed triage.

    Childhoods centered on competitive sports and outdoor activities like hiking and camping are the best ways to raise kids. These experiences get etched into our minds, forever...

    ready to passed on to the next generation...

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