No Diet, Diet (Liquid Protein Diet)
AngelRays posted:
I have also been hearing about this No Diet...Diet (Liquid Protein) taken at bedtime. No one has really answered if this stuff really does what it claims it will. Is anyone here actually using this Liquid Protein? Is it working? WebMD....have you checked into this and is it safe? Thank you for your help!
beanje responded:
I ordered a couple of bottles of the nodiet liquid protein and have been using it in conjunction with weight watchers. I tried it for two weeks before using ww, and got no change in weight, no fantastic weight loss, a very small change in inches. This past week I started the weight watchers, tracked and paid a lot of attention to my eating, exercised more than I normally do plus used the nodiet. I've lost 2 lbs this week. So, not really saying its due to nodiet. However, I have noticed a huge difference in how my joints feel, my hair, my nails. I'm thinking it is an ingredient in the nodiet (it contains Aloe) that is making that difference. Weird, but nice. I'm going to continue to use up my two bottles and see what happens while continuing on with my weight watchers plan. I'll try to get back here to post results. Hope this helps.