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Multivitamin Absorption
dimples_5594 posted:
I have heard that multivitamins in liquid form are the best/most absorbed, while those in pill form are not actually absorbed much into the body at all (about 25%). Is that true? If so, what is the point of taking any non-liquid vitamin and how do I optimize absorption?
totallywiggedout responded:
This is only my opinion, and I've not heard of the pills vs liquid difference, but it seems like in all probability that liquids are absorbed better.
Since pills have emulsifiers to keep them dry and to "stick" stuff together to make them able to be formed into pills or have the capsule covering they would break down extremely slow and could conceivably flow through your digestive system without breaking down completely in the process. The best way to take the pill form would be to crush them and add to some yogurt or apple sauce.
If you want to keep them in pill form and want to get the most out of them, I'd suggest eating a dense, slow metabolizing protein with them. Like oven crisped chicken tenders and not carbs. Because carbs break down quickly into simple sugars they metabolize fast , if you take your pills with something like chicken or a few pieces of steak, they will travel through slower and have more time to be fully absorbed.
I may be wrong about this but I'm just thinking along the biology lines.
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CateyBatey responded:
You may also try the gummy vitamins. They make them for adults now, and honestly the ones for kids are very comparable to the adult vitamins, with the exception of the iron. These are what I take because my stomach cannot handle the pill form, and I could hardly keep them down. I feel so much better since I started taking the gummy vitamins and feel they do absorb better. When I could manage to keep the pill form down, I still felt very sluggish, and upon taking the gummy form I immediately felt 100 times better from day one. I have more energy than ever. Where I live its hard to come by the liquid vitamins, you either have to go to a special drugstore where they are highly over priced, or even have them prescribed by a doctor which and be a complete pain in the butt. Hope you found this helpful....

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