Alcohol - I used to be able to drink but can't anymore
_SaraSmile_ posted:
Hi all,

I can't drink anymore without getting VIOLENTLY sick. I'm not talking hungover, it's just vomiting uncontrollably (to the point where I can't stop) even from the slightest amount of alcohol. I feel fine physically, I'm in shape, I don't have allergies, I'm just a normal person. Maybe someone can help? Maybe you went through the same thing or maybe you know someone who has gone through this? Here's a little about me...

I am in my early twenties and graduated from college this year. During time in college, I regularly went out with my friends and drank. It has never really affected me before in the sense that hangovers were not common for me; I handled alcohol really well. If I were to be hungover, it was once every few months. I'm not sensitive to any foods and I didn't change what I drank. I mostly just stick to vodka. This all really started in late May/early June of this year.

Back in February, I began training for a half marathon. I have always loved to run, but decided I wanted to started doing half marathons and eventually build up to a full marathon. I lost around 20 pounds. My friends seem to think that this is what is causing it, but I don't agree. I've been a runner my whole life and it didn't affect me in my early training stages (started in late May).

It doesn't bother me to stop drinking but I do enjoy doing so socially with my friends. I'm just looking for some answers or some help!

Anything is appreciated and thanks so much!
brunosbud responded:
I sure hope I'm the only recovering alcoholic who reads this...
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
You might want to ask your question in the WebMD Substance Abuse Community.

There are eight amazing experts there from The Betty Ford Center who know more about alcohol and how it affects the body.

Congrats on your weight loss and marathon training!

3point14 responded:
The 20 lbs are probably what's making the difference. Drink less, pace yourself more, drink more water and eat more/better foods while you're drinking.

Be careful out there!
And if you think you have a drinking issue, check out AA.
_SaraSmile_ replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks so much!
_SaraSmile_ replied to 3point14's response:
Thanks hun! I know myself well enough to know I don't have a drinking issue... I don't care that I can't get drunk, I just care that I get sick if I drink even ONE drink... It's just weird that suddenly my body started responding so much differently to it... I believe I'm going to go to the doctor and get my liver enzymes checked and just get a normal checkup! Thanks again
3point14 replied to _SaraSmile_'s response:
That's actually how a friend of mine found out he was intolerant of gluten, it started with beer.

So getting checked out is a great idea!
deadmanwalking57 responded:
Most likely you've over taxed your liver, and its trying to save your life. There are no nutrients in alcohol, so just give it up.

You should be able to be silly and have fun without alcohol.

Vomiting is not being social. Or laugh, and throw up on them. You'll think its funny, but they might not.
tayfrank responded:

I know I'm late on seeing this, but I actually am in my early twenties and am going through the same EXACT drinking symptoms you went through...I mean the EXACT same..the vomiting just after one single drink, I would just drink socially with friends, hangovers were only here and there...and vodka was my usual choice and occasionally ales. I am not dying without alcohol but I would like to just socially or here or there just enjoy a casual drink.

I plan to have a check up, but I was just curious to know what your diagnosis ended up being.

brunosbud responded:
My friend's wife use to heave shortly after eating salad at a chain restaurant that specializes in soup and salads. I once read that bulked lettuce distributors use a special preservative to keep the leaves looking fresher, longer and it's important to thoroughly wash lettuce stored this way. I told her this. Her response: "Well, when I have coupons, I like to use them."
My response: "Good!" ("I am Groot!")

Celiacs with gluten...Young get old and can't handle the MSG in Chinese or Indian, anymore. You either listen to your body or you don't (and heave-ho)...Good! (I am Groot!)