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    NeonMockingjay posted:
    So, I'm having these madddd cravings for waffles and popcorn!!! Anyone feel the same or have any suggestions???
    totallywiggedout responded:
    If you air pop your popcorn and use PAM butter flavored cooking spray, sprayed into the popcorn as it falls into the bowl, then sprinkle with a mix of herbs and spices, parmesean or lite salt, there's no reason you can't eat popcorn. In fact , it's a good source of fiber for your diet.
    As for the waffles. If you save calories for the waffle, singel, ONE waffle, and use no butter and use just enough sugar free syrup, you can have that too. Buy the small frozen ones that are whole wheat and it makes them better for you as choices go. If you have the waffle, make sure you back it up with decent protein like a small patty of turkey breakfast sausage to help fill you up, since waffles are nothing but carbs which give fast energy (as carbs break down into simple sugars) and don't stick with you to fill you up for very long. The protein of the meat will burn slower and give you longer lasting energy.
    It's all about making better choices and sticking to the recommended serving size and making sure that you have allowed for those calories in our daily intake.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --- Thomas Edison

    Losing weight healthfully isn't going to be easy or fast, but it WILL be worth it
    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
    Hi there and thanks so much for your posting. Guess what? There's new science that says food addictions and cravings are very real. That's right! There are certain foods referred to as the hyperpalatables--- sugary/starchy/fatty/salty combos--- that literally hijack the reward system in your brain and induce over the top urges to want more and more. The problem is that your brain's chemistry has changed. These organic changes lead to an impairment of the very part of the brain that would help you rein in impulses--- the CEO of the brain, or the prefrontal cortex. That's why when you're in the presence of a bingeable, craveable food, moderation is a moot point.

    What's the solution? As in all validated addictions, you have to detox off the stuff and avoid these food products. At the same time, you need to examine what's happening in your life to crave the foods so much. STRESS is the one element that makes anyone very vulnerable to caving to the addictive foods.

    I have written a new book, THE HUNGER FIX, which is the first consumer book on overeating and food addiction. In it i have outlined a science based plan for lifelong recovery from these cravings and addiction. We now understand that there is a way to reclaim your brain's reward system and strengthen the prefrontal cortex to help you. First, you must eliminate this stuff from your life and then work to prevent the caving by coping with the cues and triggers that knee jerk you into overeating. I have worked with many men and women who are compulsive and addictive overeaters and science has proven you can get through this.

    Here's a great piece to read to help you understand all of this:

    Watch for more to follow on this through my blogs and on this exchange.

    Dr. Peeke

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