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    Stomach nausea after breakfast
    smwyzard posted:
    Good matter what I have for breakfast, about an hour after eating I get nauseous. I absolutely cannot eat fruit in the morning...too much sugar; can really make me sick. This morning I had 3 egg whites, asparagus, slice of 45 cal. ww bread and 1tsp of margarine. If I have something high in carbs, I often feel better. I am trying to avoid the carb fix, but it is the only thing that seems to work. Again...don't suggest fruit. Makes me sicker. I can eat fruit in the afternoon and it doesn't bother me at all.
    I am open for any suggestions or ideas what could be causing this.
    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
    Hi there and thanks so much for your posting. As you have figured out, it's so important to listen to your body. I would so highly recommend your logging onto the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner to see the wide variety of breakfast options available to you.
    When you note that you have something "high in carbs" what do you mean? A Pop Tart? Or, several slices of bread? It's so important that you understand that vegetables like asparagus are carbs as well. They are the high quality carbs. The low quality are the refined and processed sugars (white sugars) along with sugary/starchy/fatty/salty foods.
    First, i would not use margarine. I would use a small amount of butter. Margarine has too many additives and you want to stick with whole foods. Did you make the egg whites with a milk product? This can sometime lead to problems if you're lactose intolerant and don't know it.
    Another question is do you feel this way after all meals or just in the morning? If morning only, many people with GERD or reflux may have this problem in the morning.
    Finally, you say that too much sugar makes you sick, but that you feel better if you have high carbs--- which is sugar.

    Shoot some clarifications and we'll go from there.


    Dr. Peeke
    totallywiggedout responded:
    Hi Smw,
    You don't say how that eggwhite breakfast did for you, and that breakfast really didnt have a huge amount of carbs. But not alot of protein either and that's what will keep you full longer. I suggest keeping in at lease one of the yolks when you fix your eggs as most of the nutrients are in the yolk and bout nothing in the white.
    I have two smoothie recipes, neither of which is "fruit" per se, one is made with pumpkin and the other is made with avocado. Both are very good and extremely filling. I use them as light meals, I don't like big heavy breakfasts, or snacks.Find them listed here
    Both give you about a 12 oz glass full. Obviously , if you want more, just adjust the ingredients as needed.
    There are many recipes listed there that you may find useful.
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