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Weight loss and emotional eating
Xlivingdeadgirlx posted:
How do I loose weight with emotional eating? Is this a disorder and do I need to get help?
PetuniaPea responded:
Reaching out to a professional won't hurt, and could actually help give you some useful tools on how to stop. A lot of people are emotional eaters, but if it's making you gain weight fast, making you feel alienated, making you sink deeper into depression, causing you to lose friends or your job, then it's a disorder and you should reach out for help ASAP.

Here are some tips to help you stop AND lose weight:

1. Join a weight-loss community (online or in-person, whichever will help you the most).
2. Keep a daily journal of what you eat (record the calories, too), and how you feel. Seeing it in writing can help you see the reality of the situation.
3. Keep yourself busy. When watching TV, stand up, exercise, instead of sitting there with a huge tub of popcorn (or ice cream!) Better yet, do some other activities that will keep you from reaching for food: go for a walk in the park, organize your photographs, clean out those overstuffed drawers, go window shopping, get to those projects you've been meaning to do, like paint, organize the garage, etc.
4. Think of junk food as TOXIC. Because it IS. It's bad for your health. It's even bad to overeat healthy stuff, for instance, it's okay to eat 1-2 ounces of mixed nuts, just not the whole bag in one sitting!
5. Re-train your taste buds to LOVE fruits and veggies. This has helped me tremendously. Now, I don't crave sweets or desserts or junk food. I would say if you are really dedicated, it should take you 2-4 weeks to get over your cravings. You will feel a renewed energy that you haven't felt since you were a kid with boundless energy! Make boundless energy your GOAL.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome -

You are not alone! Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. That makes sense to me - my overeating is never tied to actual hunger but to some other stress, emotion or situation.

It's important to first identify the triggers that lead you to overeat. This article has some great information and tools you can use: Emotional Eating and Weight Loss As Petunia pointed out, developing alternatives to eating is the second step.

Reaching out to this community is a great start and I know you can keep on the path to a healthier relationship with food! Please let us know how you are doing - you can get good support and info here!

PetuniaPea responded:
I wanted to add that I was a sugar addict! Here's more information for you if sugar is your's my blog on how to stop sugar cravings once and for all, based on my personal experience: -

Yes, do let us know how you're doing! Thanks for reading!
Check out some of my blogs regarding health and weight:

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