Undershirts made stiff by dried sweat?
BigDaddyMatty posted:
Before I began my diet a week ago, my (very) sweated-out undershirts would become rigid/stiff while hanging to dry. Almost as if they had been starched.

A week into my diet and they are no longer stiff once dried. I can't find anything on the Internet about this. I sweat every bit as much now. What has changed? Thanks.
brunosbud responded:
After spending a long day in the sun, cool down to allow your sweat to dry, then, lick your arm...

BigDaddyMatty replied to brunosbud's response:
So because I have reduced the sodium in my diet, my sweat has less salt in it? I sweat every bit as much as I used to during a workout. Actually I sweat more now. Thanks.
3point14 responded:
Most likely the humidity where you are has changed.