Can't believe it! I lost weight without much effort or starvation!
PetuniaPea posted:
Around the end of last year, I made up my mind to give up refined sugar and refined carbohydrates. I made some small changes over time, until I finally phased it out. Then I started replacing those refined carbs and sugars with fruits and veggies. I did this by making myself veggie soup, having a fruit smoothie for breakfast and a green smoothie during the day sometimes. A few months ago, I started to adopt a more plant-based diet, eating whole foods (things that don't have an ingredients list; foods from the ground, tree, or vine!). Since last year, I've lost 15 pounds, and have one more pound to go to reach my goal weight. I started researching why the weight came off without much effort, here's what I found:

Let me know what you think. If you want to lose weight instantly without even really trying, would you follow what this article says?
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