Too much too fast?
An_247660 posted:
I switched from atkins to calorie counting and lost 40 lbs. very quickly. I lowered my calories too much and now I have muscle wasting and at 5'2" weigh 95 lbs. I am now having trouble with a terrible lump feeling in my throat that accompanies weakness and shakiness. It's worse than it sounds and is scaring me. I have been to my doctor but he thinks it's acid reflux. I think maybe it's my body telling me it's starving even though I am increasing calories. It gets worse with stress and with carb cravings. Could this be my body telling me it's starving and if so what can I do to undo the damage?
gypsywoman26 responded:
Hi, something similar happened to me a few years ago. It is your body telling you that it's starving. I increased the calories and used vitamins and supplements. Check to see if you are deficient in anything. Hope this helps. Let me know how you make out. Good luck.
Taurino responded:
You may want to have your thyroid checked.