Plateau problem
RONNY1950 posted:
Have hit the dreaded diet plateau. Have lost 100 lbs with 50 to go. I have done this on a 1200-1500 cal diet over 10 months. Haven't lost any for about a month. Would like to exercise but can't due to health problems. Bad back. If I maintain my current diet without exercise will the plateau eventually end. A little frustrated but not discouraged. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
jis4judy responded:
Hi Ronny congrats on removeing 100 pounds thats an awsome achievement, No exercise at all? not even walking? a bad back is made better by walking . and with 100 pounds reduction should have made your back better ..
well anyway a plateau happens because of your success and your body is adjusting to the new weight ...
breaking a plateau requires a change in the way your eat or exercise
It is sometimes helpful to cycle calories like eat calories that would maintaine your current weight for a day or 2 then go back to the 1200 -1500
it can jump start the metbolism I do believe it was called the wendy plan ...
the calories you choose would be depending on your hieght age etc For me when I do that I go as high as 2000 cals then drop back to 1500 but I am exerciseing nearly every day
I hope this helps Hugs Judy:)
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