Diet and Hypoglycemia
Carill posted:
Two hours after eating breakfast my glucose levels drop to 60 or less. My symptoms are shakiness, confusion, irritability, inability to feed myself. I am not diabetic and have been checking my glucose levels with a glucose monitoring device. My high levels are usually 122 or less. I am not sure what I should have for breakfast in order to help prevent a low. I have eaten Raisin Bran cereal with milk and OJ and have had an episode and I have eaten an egg and two pieces of toast and have had an episode. I would appreciate any diet advice.

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brunosbud responded:
Why are you taking blood glucose readings?
Are you diabetic? Are you non-diabetic hypoglycemic?
If you are diabetic, are you taking medications?

Impossible to answer.
Carill replied to brunosbud's response:
I am testing my blood sugar because we have been traveling in an RV for 5 months and a nurse friend suggested testing my glucose levels to see if I was getting high levels as well as low levels. My high levels do not indicate me being Diabetic, therefore, I would be non-diabetic hypoglycemia. I have an appointment with an endocronologist in November but am trying to find out what is the best moring diet because my episodes of lows are a couple of hours after eating breakfast..
brunosbud replied to Carill's response:
Rare and serious condition; best left for an expert, imho. If it was me, I'd eat a healthy, balanced diet, never skip meals, exercise, regularly and carry glucose tabs or peanut butter cups with me at all times. btw, hypoglycemia is a symptom, not a disease so its important for a physician to investigate the cause. Good luck.