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Count me in!
4myk9z posted:
Hi Gang!

Well, I guess this is where the rubber meets the road for me too. I'm a 51 year old single white female who has gone from 138 lbs all my life to 178 lbs since a rash of health issues hit in 2009 following a knee replacement... turned out the issues on top of osteoporosis (I ate like crap to stay at that low weight) was that I had rheumatoid arthritis which apparently was an elusive diagnosis for an awful lot of doctors. Oh, they found a whole lot of other things WRONG but it wasn't until I finally was referred to a Rheumatologist that I found the source of the chronic pain and bone crushing fatigue that would lay me out for weeks at a time. Life stopped. My metabolism stopped. Everything morsel that passed my lips turned immediately into fat which went directly to my face and abdomen thanks to becoming Cushingoid from being on the Prednisone. I look like I took a good smack in the mug from a frying pan, LOL! My face is a classic MOON SHAPE now and, well, I'm dependent on the steroids. The past two days I've been suddenly having blood sugars in the 200's which was a sudden onset thing (I'm hoping it is a result of a colonoscopy prep) and I feel horrible at that level... and I'm scared.... granted, my doc is chalking it up to the Dread Pred but again, THIS is where the rubber DOES meet the road. I HAVE to DO SOMETHING AND FAST. I already have kidney disease, my vision is poor at best and I just can't take another hit. So, it's time to buckle down and start moving. I guess my biggest dietary intake at this time is Pharmaceuticals, at least it seems that way to me, always taking a pill or injection for one thing or other but allegedly I'm supposed to feel better for doing so, right? So I need to MOVE more I'm sure. I'm praying to GOD that this is a deal of mind over matter and that I can DO this. I don't have a husband or kids to give me THE PUSH or support but realize that they could actually be a hindrance just as easily..

I guess I'm looking for friends in this online support community to commiserate with and support each other in this quest for the best... in life, diet, health and heart. Any takers?

Gwendolyn of Dayton OH
BigDaddyMatty responded:
Welcome to this forum. It's good to see you taking the first steps to get your life back. I suspect others will advise you on diets and exercise or will suggest you find a nutritionist and someone to advise you on exercise so I will leave that to them. No matter what make sure your doctor approves of whatever avenue you end up taking.

I have just two very quick things to mention. First, given your situation I think the fee movie located here: will really resonate with you. I'm not suggesting you follow the diet that's described in the movie but I think you will find it both motivational and inspirational.

I am on day #29 of my new eating/exercise plan. I have read a great deal since I started. One diet that seems to resonate very strongly with me is the six week "Eat to Live" plan by Joel Fuhrman. If I had to do it again, I would have started with this. It takes dedication from what I have read and your MD would have to approve it for you but that six weeks is life changing.

Good luck. Welcome aboard and I am sure we will interact again.
BigDaddyMatty replied to BigDaddyMatty's response:
That's "free" movie!
wendy5555 responded:
hi 4myk9z! i'm wendy5555. i have a really good ear to lend to you. if you want to talk to me just let me know. compared to your list mine is not so much-i have had diabetes for 17 years and am well aware of how sugars can just jump high on you. hope to hear from you!
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
Hey Gwendolyn. Thanks so much for your posting. I'm so happy you chose to come to our wonderful community. You have a lot going on so I'll use this posting to get some things started to help you.

First, because of your medical issues including kidney disease. you need the guidance of a registered dietitian. This is very important as you create the correct template for nutrition. You can get started by calling your doctor's office and getting a referral to an RD to help you. Insurance usually pays for a series of visits and they are so well worth it. Please scope this out.

Second, many people are on prednisone to control an inflammatory disease they may have. Blood sugars can soar as a result, especially if you are packing on pounds inside your belly. An RD who is familiar with these meds can help you devise a program that will control your sugars. You absolutely have to steer clear of any refined or processed sugars. That's mandatory.

Log onto the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner to get you started on your nutrition and fitness. It's customized to your medical issues as well. My new book THE HUNGER FIX can help you steer clear of the sugary/fatty/salty food combos you may have gotten hooked on.

Finally, walk every day. Scatter it throughout the day or whatever you have to do. Walking is the best way to keep up energy and burn off some of your excess weight.

You can do this. Take every day 24 hours at a time. You need a support system--- US!--- and your medical team to help you. Good luck and please let us know how you're doing.

Dr. Peeke

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