How to sip
nobah posted:
I had my sleeve surgery Aug 20th.
I was told I would learn how to sip in the hospital but was told not to gulp.
Is there a way to sip?
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi nobah, I'm not sure if you're kidding here, lol. But if you've ever tried to drink a very hot beverage, coffee, tea or something like hot chocolate.... you don't take a mouthful right? How do you drink something very hot? You SIP so as not to burn your mouth and tongue.... A little bit into the mouth and then swallowed is a sip.
Now, if you sip even from a straw and get more that what will sit on your tongue, like over 1/2 a mouthful before you swallow, that's a gulp.
Little bits of liquid in and down= sip
1/2 a mouthful or more=gulp
The big problem with gulps and gastric proceedures is that gulps involve not only swallowing the foods/liquids it also means swallowing TONS of AIR which can cause bloating and pain and create a false feeling of fullness in your newly downsized stomach pouch. So you HAVE to sip in order to avoid this pain and to make sure you have enough room for nutritional intake and not just empty AIR.
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