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Pain, swelling in stomach, weight gain ?
rmsmith0 posted:
Ok, so odd things are afoot. I have gained 20 pounds in the past few months - maybe 3-4 months. Eating the same exact things I always have. Nuts, fruit, veges, lean meat, yogurt, etc no cake or ice cream or fast food...though I do slip and have a french fry now and then.

(TMI coming)
It all started after I got crazy sick one day. Started throwing up and heaving uncontrolably, couldn't stand up or see straight and ended up passing out. Nothing came out but liquid I was drinking. Then ever since then I've been gaining weight. Could be unrelated though. I've been keeping the same activity level and food intake for a year where I work. I sit at a desk but try my best to workout some during the week. But my calories aren't up and my activity never changed.
So not only has that been happening but for at least 4 years I've been having horrible stomach pains intermittently. In between meals if I wait to long to eat a snack or a meal I get horrible pains in my stomach, right under my ribs. It swells. It's not like normal gas or anything, it just I ate a knife.I will hold a crazy amount of water also. As in, I can make a half inch dent in my leg with my finger and it stays.
My doc told me it might be a nerve or something in my stomach. Which is a bunch of malarky I think. Anyway, I'm wondering if the pain and weight gain are related. She basically told me "keep an eye on it" which sucks because it really hurts. I also asked her why I could only eat 800-900 calories a day. "It might be just how you are".

Has anyone had this kind of pain before? It will start right under my ribs, more on my left side and it will swell throughout the day.

Thanks all
brunosbud responded:
...vomitting, passing out, chronic, stabbing pain and unexplained 20 lb weight gain can be easily explained...

You have a potentially serious/life threatening and, at present, "undiagnosed" condition that requires immediate investigation by a trained health professional...

Next question?
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi rms,
sounds like you need to see a specialist, like a gastroenterologist. General Practitioners are just that, general health doctors, and you have a specific problem in a specific area. Find a specialist, make an appointment and keep it. Your symptoms have been going on far too long for you to keep ignoring the signs your body is giving you.
good luck
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