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feeling overwhelmed after weigh loss
lindaget posted:
Had gastric sleeve done on June 19, 2012. As of today I have lost a total of 69 lbs. Sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming to me. Does anyone else out there feel this way. I am very happy with my success but at the same time overwhelmed.

TheeQueen responded:
Hi Lindaget,
I had my gastric bypass 11 years ago and while I am so greatful for it, I wish I had been been more informed on the importance of counseling and possible side effects of the surgery. You need to immediately establish an exercise routine not only for its benefit in your weight reduction journey, but because of the mentally, emotional, and spiritual uplift it will provide. If you have not researched or paid attention to the physical side affects of the bypass surgery you will be in for even more of a rude awakening. Your doctor may have discussed these issues, but we are so blinded by the joy of finally getting rid of the excess weight that we often don't hear the things that are most important to the success of the surgery. You need to really comprehend and aggresively work at counteracting these side effects in healthy ways. I weighed 380lbs when I had the surgery. Soon after I had what was termed a "rhemutoid arthritis attack," where the bones of several major joints began to breakdown. This almost incapacitated me. Worse, it prevented me from following through with the exercising program I began. Long story short, I spent the next 3-5 years having surgeries, went through a severe depression, and while my weight dropped as low as 200lbs, I have plateaued between 230-240. I sought professional counseling and was fortunate in having an outstanding rhemotologist so I have recovered. There is soo much that I needed to know that I didn't, so don't let the same thing happen to you. If exercising is difficult, any movement is better than none. Seek out a bypass support group and attend weekly if possible. The surgery is a god-send, but you have to create a new healthy relationship with food. I have not perfected mine yet, but I am lightyears away from the addiction I previously had. I am sorry I can't help you more, but I encourage you to take ownership of your mental and physical health, the surgery can not do this part for you. I haven't been checking this site regularly but I will make an effort to do so to see how you are doing. If you want to talk just let me know, it will be a support to me as well. Good luck and remember there is a whole new, exciting, and worthwhile life out here waiting for for the taking.
brunosbud replied to TheeQueen's response:

11 years in and still fighting tooth and nail. I hope all who have the surgery find a renewed appreciation for life as you clearly have. You have my respect, your majesty.
stillhangingin responded:
I know EXACTLY where you are coming from!!!! I've lost 121 pounds the old fashioned way (since January 2012) And that is exactly the word I'm feeling .....OVERWHELMED......I can't adjust to these changes I feel big but no one else sees it and I cant see what the see

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