kenb237 posted:
I had been taking MultiVites, which are gummy vitamins. Quite tasty and easy to eat. However, I swear they act like a laxitive. I've stopped taking them and my digestive system is back to normal. I've never seen that with other multi's. Why would the gummy vitamins do that?
brunosbud responded:
The following article best explains standards of efficacy and manufacturing standards the vitamin manufacturers must abide...

Sure hope you have a sense of humor, ken...

"...Although the FDA is not responsible for safety of dietary supplements put in the marketplace, it does, however, have the enforcement authority to respond to serious public health emergencies or illness caused by such dietary supplements. Any individual experiencing such a serious medical emergency should seek emergency medical attention first, and then afterward may contact--or have her physician contact--the FDA's MedWatch hotline at 1-800-FDA-1088..."

What that statement means is essentially this...a vitamin manufacturer would have to be absolutely looney to overdose and since there is no penalty to underdose, why take chances?

Thus, when I hear someone say, "I take this vitamin and that supplement", I just kinda giggle to myself...