Why can't I lose weight?
JakeBlues1968 posted:
I've gone 90 days with almost zero sugar intake, whereas before I would take in 6000-8000 calories a week in sugar calories alone. I have also greatly reduced my intake of white flour. I work almost every day and my shifts are 12 hours long, most of which are on my feet and moving around. On my days off, I go to the gym. Yet, over the last 90 days, I have actually gained 1.5 lbs. I have had a history of not being able to shed weight. What medical issues could I have that would prevent weight loss?
PetuniaPea responded:
Low thyroid, not sure but possibly other hormones out of whack, or perhaps now you're not eating enough, so the body goes into "starvation mode" which I'm sure you've heard before. Congrats for cutting out sugar and reducing white flour!
henkelasv replied to PetuniaPea's response:
The book CARBS Carbohydrate Addiction Recovery Battalion System is available on amazon.com. It goes hand in hand with Gary Taubes books, "Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It" and "Good Calories, Bad Calories".
CARBS uses the AA recovery system and this book will provide you sufficient information to start your own support group.