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Specific diets or just eat less of whatever food you have?
sand55 posted:
Hello everyone
I'm a new member in this community and hopefully I'll become an active one.
I'm 22 years old female and I want to lose 81lbs. I was wondering should I follow a certain diet or should I just eat less of whatever I have.
I usually eat what I find. I don't have the time to cook or follow a plan for meals and that's why I failed following any diet I've ever started.
Eating less sounds good but is it enough to lose all the extra pounds?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me
totallywiggedout responded:
hi sand, welcome
You ask if it's possible to lose weight eating just less of what you already have on hand.... well, it depends on WHAT exactly you have on hand, doesn't it? If your cupboards are stuffed full of Ho Hos , white breads, white pastas , white rices, heavy pasta sauces and cream soups... well, probably not.
Although eating less than you eat now will be necessary, it will also be necessary to choose better, more nutritional foods to feed your body and keep it strong AND lose weight.
Best choices are fresh, from scratch, homemade foods and meals. If you don't cook much, then I suggest focusing more on RAW fruits and veggies, low fat/fat free dairy choices , eggs (which it takes very little time or talent to cook), and some quicky easily prepared fish choices like shimp, crab , tilapia, tuna (canned in water) or salmon, and boneless skinless chicken breast (which take about 8-10 min to panfry in a little olive oil till no longer pink).
You don't have to be a kitchen genious to eat well and lose weight. But you will probably have to make better food choices, and watch the serving size of each food you eat.
I suggest to all newcomers , fill out a Food and Fitness Planner here on webmd. Fill it in with the LOWEST possible choice for how much daily exercise you do now. It will auto calculate how many calories and how much exercise you should shoot for every day.
Get a cheapy food scale and MEASURE your foods until you get to the point you can eyeball the serving size better. Most people don't realize that they are eating 2-3 times the actual serving size.
Meats, 1 serv is the size and weight of a deck of cards
Most veggies, 1 cup
Salad dressings, 1 Tblsp
and so on.... read the labels, and put everything you eat into your f and f planner. You will soon see just where you need to improve in your eating habits.
hope this helps
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brunosbud responded:
To answer your question.

No. It is not enough...

You look at weight loss as a "process". In my humble opinion, it's not. People who are successful in restoring their health and return a sense of balance and peace in their life, generally, follow a very important rule to help guide them.

  • Every room they enter, they find some way to make the lives of the people,inside, better...

To get (health)care, you must dispense "it". You've got to "find time". Every room...

Especially, when you're the only one in it.

leahla responded:
It's not all about eating less- it's quality of foods you eat. Even on weight watchers if you use all your points to just eat like 8 doughnuts a day-I know a person that done this!-it will not work. You need to feed your body nutritious foods. I know cooking is time consuming but you can do this. I cook simple meals like veg with tin of tomatoes and throw in chickpeas or other types of beans and freeze for rest of week. Use herbs/spices lik curries to add flavour, dieting doesn't have to be bland. Oatmeal/fruit/yogurt/soups are all easy time savers too. Food is 80% of any diet but to change your body shape you should definitely add exercise, do this slowly if it's hard as yet.

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