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how to lose weight when you cant exercise
mrsminneapolis posted:
I'm going to be 40 in a few months and Ive had 2 major back surgeries looking to have another. I have always weighed about125 and now 188. I'm not allowed to do any exercises. How can you lose
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi mrsminneapolis,
When you say you aren't allowed to do any exercises, how do you get around? Do you walk? If you walk, you are doing some exercise. Do you lift a gallon of milk from the fridge? if so, you are exercising. If you do any type of dusting or light laundry duty, you are exercising. Even if you just wipe down the counters, or do the dishes, you are exercising.
Ok, that said. If you can walk, then go for a few very short walks every day. As far as you can and back in 10 min or so. Or do some of the light cleaning I just spoke of plus a walk or two. If you can climb stairs, even better, do a few trips up and down a day, just for exercise.
You will also have to get a handle on how much and what you are eating. Especially if you aren't able to do much physical exertion and if you want to get weight off for your backs sake.
Fill out a food and fitness planner here on WebMd or the one on These are excellant tools to help monitor your intake and log your exercise output.
Fill them in with the LOWEST choice for your current daily exercise. Then once it's all filled in, it will tell you how many calories and how much exercise to shoot for daily. Log everything you eat. Try to measure or weigh your foods so that you are certain of how much you are actually eating. READ LABLES and use the "per serving size" guidlines on your calories, fats, sodium and such.
good luck and keep posting, blogging does help to stay focused
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jp94952 responded:
Very sorry to hear you have to got through 2 major back surgeries. The answer to your question about how to lose weight -- and this applies exercise or no -- is to eat less. If you consume fewer calories than you expend you will lose weight no matter your exercise level.
An_249217 responded:
Hi mrsminneapolis,
I'm really sorry to hear what you've gone through. I'm 29 and have been through 2 major back surgeries as well (double fusions). I now deal with chronic pain which has led to a much lower activity level and weight gain. I agree with a lot of what TotallyWiggedOut said. The key to getting me back into physical activity was walking. Literally first just from my kitchen to my bedroom. Then outside to the next house, then the corner, around the block, and within a few months I was walking a couple miles a day. I also started with light stretches, which helped get me back into (gentle) yoga and more advanced PT. In terms of eating, I have found that limiting junk food has helped as well as limiting snacking and only snacking on healthy foods (I would snack a lot when I got bored, when I had a bad day, etc.). Just remember that it is going to be a slow process, and it might be a while before you see results, so don't get frustrated with yourself!
sherylds responded:
been there, done that.
as someone else pointed out...controlling your calories is key to maintaining and losing weight. But you need to focus on eating nutritionally dense foods to help speed your recovery and get your body prepared for your comeback. And once you get the green llight from your doctor to may want to join a pool where you can get great exercise with the least impact on your joints.

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