artificial sugars
duckielmp posted:
I switched to sucralose because I didn't want the sugar spikes that increase cortisol levels and cause so much damage with real sugars. Am I right in assuming you don't get the spikes with artificial sugars?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi duckie and welcome!

Interesting question - I'm wondering how you are using sucralose? Are you cooking or baking with it or just using it to sweeten beverages?

Dr. Dansinger, our diabetes expert, addressed some of the issues around sugar vs. artificial sugar in this blog post: Finding A Middle Ground On Artificial Sweeteners

Are you diabetic? If so, we have a great Diabetes Community if you want to connect with others discussing issues related to Type 1, Type 2 or pre-diabetes.

duckielmp responded:
Well, the article was interesting but didn't quite answer my question! On one hand it said artificial sweetners would be healthier for diabetics (of which I am not) than eating regular sugar which would lead a person to assume that artificials did not cause spikes in blood sugar levels but by the same token said with chronic use, over the years, may cause metabolic syndrome which I associate with blood sugar spikes. So, since I am older and don't care about long-term use effects I will go with the sucralose!