Does drinking coffee after eating oatmeal negate it's ability to lower cholesterol?
chrisrub posted:
I have an oatmeal breakfast at around 8:30am daily. Usually I have a cup of coffee right when I stumble out of bed, before breakfast. However on some days, I don't get my dose of coffee until after I eat oatmeal - and it seems to pass through my digestive system quickly if the coffee is on top - by 10:30am I am on the toilet. Could this be affecting the cholesterol lowering properties of the oatmeal? My understanding is that the oatmeal must sit in your small intestine for a period of time to remove some of the cholesterol produced by the liver - and if the coffee is acting like a laxative I am wondering if I am negating the effects.
leahla responded:
Im not sure but I would doubt the effects are cancelled out. Two hours is an effective amount of time for the oatmeal to have done its job,be absorbed etc and moved into the large intestine part of your digestive system by that time? Don't forget oatmeal has fibre which assists digestive processes too.