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    Includes Expert Content
    Hyperthyroidism + Weight Gain
    Miss_Marilynn posted:
    I just found out that I have hyperthyroidism. Instead of losing weight I have been gaining and gaining. I'm not sure for how long I had this (hyperthyroidism), but I always noticed its been hard for me to ever lose any weight, even if I ate right and exercised a lot. Is there anything or a diet I should follow that will help me fight this and finally start losing the weight. I'm trying to get pregnant, but I don't want to until im below 250 at least that way I don't suffer with more health complications. My main goal is to lose 2 lbs per week and lose around 150 lbs in total. I'm only 26 and im tired of just gaining and becoming less of the person who I used to be. My doctor told me to wait until I get my thyroid under control but that can take longer.
    brunosbud responded:
    Is it possible the cause of your hyperthyroidism could be attributable to your diet (and other lifestyle) selections? Is it possible that certain foods can exacerbate and encourage hormonal imbalances? Is it possible that certain foods can cause your body to secrete too much of one hormone (insulin) which in turn may cause you to produce too little of another hormone (leptin) critical in suppressing hunger and appetite, thereby, causing you to overeat?

    I am diabetic (Type 2). I consider it a blessing. Reason being, its afforded me a ring-side seat on how my body's endocrine system responds to lifestyle choices, a lesson I would have never learned had it not for this disease. As a result, I have effectively "reversed" my diabetes and I take no medications to control my blood sugar, today. Also, If I was 25 years older, this would not be possible because doctors at that time did not subscribe to the idea that Diabetes in adults over 50 could be controlled by lifestyle adjustments. Hence, I was "lucky" in the timing, as well.

    Is it possible to be "blessed" with Diabetes? Heart disease? Cancer? Hyperthyroidism?

    I believe you can...
    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
    Hi and thanks so much for your posting. One of the consequences of hyperthyroidism is that the thyroid gland finally burns out, secreting very little active hormone. As a result, you do become hypothyroid and require thyroid supplementation. I don't know where you are currently, but that's what it sounds like to me. Please make certain you thoroughly understand your current medical status with your doctor. As well, tell your doctor about the weight issue and your frustration. It would be great if you could sit down with a registered dietitian with whom you could work out a practical program for shedding weight in preparation for your pregnancy. It is very important that your weight ideally is much lower than 250 pounds for your safety and that of your baby. Please take the time to establish and practice healthier nutrition and physical activity behaviors now so that you have a strong basis for a healthy pregnancy. Work with your ob/gyn on a realistic and safe goal for an optimal pregnancy, as well as post pregnancy lifestyle.

    I would also highly recommend logging onto the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner today to input your data and get started on your healthy lifestyle journey.

    Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

    Dr. Peeke
    heatherglen8 responded:
    You are not alone! I gained weight being hyperthyroid too. Find an Endocrinologist who not only sends you for all the labs you need but also listens to how you are feeling. I have been battling the ups and downs of this for 10 years and it is hard to take the weight off, but if your body is fighting you it is even harder. Keep fighting!
    Naneki responded:
    I am 52 I also suffer from hyperthyroidism and I have also gained weight. I have been able to take off about 4-5 pounds over a period of 30 days but it's not easy. I used to be 150 now I am am 165. I have brand new suits that I want and need to wear that don't fit me and this stinks. I take a thyroid pill every day to maintain my thyroid level. I've been on this pill since 2004. Miss M have a blood test done to see where your thyroid level is at and if you have a good Dr. he/she should be able t put you on a thyroid pill that will help you keep a normal thyroid. I wish you luck. It's not easy nor fun. A friend of mine who had her thyroid taken out now suffers from Graves Disease and it has affected her eye lids/eyes. Your Thyroid rules your body. I suggest again to seek medical attention. Thyroid is nothing to laugh at.

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