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11 days out from sleeve December 13
cuteasabutton posted:
Is anyone else overwhelmed by everything you have to get in vitamins? What and how are you keeping track? Did any of you surgeons take you of all you blood pressure meds cold turkey?
Did any of your surgeons over sew your staple line?Mine did not?
Wher any of you given acid blockers, mine did not? I have lots of questions any answers out there??
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
Hi and thanks for your posting. I'm concerned by your questions because your surgeon's team should be answering these for you and supporting you. All bariatric offices should have a registered dietitian who specializes in these procedures. As well, you're asking about medications being prescribed and adjusted (your BP meds) and this should be addressed by your medical team--- the gastric surgeon and/or your primary care physician.

Please get back with them today and start sorting this out. It doesn't sound as though you're clear on your plan post op and you should be.

Dr. Peeke