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    no I need to get healthy and still choose to over eat ! Like I shut off my brain !
    An_249606 posted:
    How can I get past this and start getting healthy. I know all the reasons why I should get healthy ,I just don't why I my own worst ememy ? How can I get myself motivated ? I'm realluy over weight,do great for a while and then a trigger and I'm done then feel worse then before.Pushing 300. wa 250 just 6 months ago and I was 295 before that and lost then now back up again.Sickning feeling but wouldn't think that would be enough to change ?
    brunosbud responded:
    Like most people, you mistake weight loss for good health. Yet, the streets are chock full of "normal" weight people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol or uncontrolled blood glucose or low blood oxygenation or hooked on prescription pills...

    Don't beat yourself up. Your only problem is the "measure stick" you're using. Once you learn what good health truly entails, you'll be far more patient and forgiving of your missteps.
    Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
    Hi and thanks so much for your posting. I know countless folks out there can relate to your frustration. You know what you need to do, start out with the best of intentions, and then end up caving to your cravings. There are many factors at play here. Usually there's a combination of genetics, environment and stress that leads to a lifetime struggle with weight. Given your current weight, science now shows there's a very good chance you have an issue with addiction to certain foods, typically the refined and processed hyperpalatables (sugary/fatty/salty food combos). Take the Yale University Food Addiction Assessment and see how you fare.
    You need a plan and strategy for going forward where you can get the help you need on an ongoing basis. I'd log onto the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner and then read what i have written in The Hunger Fix book, which complements and customizes for folks (and that's the majority of people with a weight issue) out there hooked on specific foods. Your reward center in the brain has been hijacked and now you need to reclaim it. No short term fix will do this. You need a plan of action that addresses this issue.
    Start up today. We're here to help and support you. You're not alone.
    Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you,

    Dr Peeke
    jbidny responded:
    It is like u just said what I was thinking. I have the same problem and weigh about the same, I feel yr frustation. I can stick to a particular diet, i can't make myself keep a log, I don't exercise as oftern as I should but what I want most is to be healthier and thinner. You are not alone and I too wish to find a way to overcome this.
    ajaypai1971 replied to brunosbud's response:
    was 230, went to 205 and now back to 209 [due to the holidays >.

    i have learnt a few things along the way. we are too obsessed with wieght loss. from here on, my plan is to eat what i wish to , but more importantly with an eye on the calories (be within 1800 cal range per day).

    avoid regular consumption of bad things like ice-cream cheese and stuff like that. cook at home...

    and more importantly, i keep my excersise schedule going.
    There is no substitute to regular excersise, when it comes to weight loss. you can diet all you want, but i guarantee, it will not alst more than 6 months. been there. who can eat salads/nuts all day on a daily basis for the rest of your life, unless you have grown up doing that.

    on the other hand, start excersie in combination with gradual shift to good food (with a twice a week food of your choice-again within limits) is the way.

    dont obsess about wieght, but keep an eye on it. i have some t-shrits that dont fit me.. that my barometer... and they are decreasing in number..!!

    this is my thinking, works for you or not, i cant say..
    ajaypai1971 responded:
    and , use the apps if you want to for a start. but i say, the human brain is the biggest app there is... if you are concious of what you eat, then app is not needed. if one keeps eating pizza, sodas etc and then updates the app, that wont do any good will it!

    my > $0.02
    ajaypai1971 responded:
    on a roll.... LOL

    start excersising... when you see how tough it is to spend an hour excersising, you will automatically think next time you see that (burger fries soda) combo on the menu, as to how difficult it is to get rid of the calorie gift they hand you!

    this is exactly how i thinking is now.
    Lali101 responded:
    Here is a simple good start. NO WHITES!!!
    Whites are very unhealthy and results in unstable blood sugar that leaves you with cravings. What is the point anyway, whites are low in nutrients and full of carbs/sugar which is processed to make you fat. Also leads to diabetes and heart problems.
    1. No white bread...instead whole wheat or sprouted grain (Ezekiel bread)
    2. No white pasta...instead whole wheat or brown rice pasta
    3. No white potatoes...instead sweet potatoes
    4. No white rice...instead brown rice
    I know what you are going to say...your tastebuds prefer whites. Okay that is fine. Let your tastebuds rule your weight, your health and your future. Be obese at age 50 with 4-5 diagnoses and your 20-25 pills daily instead. The choice is yours. Remember, you have one body. You can kill it now or let it take you healthy into your 70's.
    brunosbud replied to ajaypai1971's response:
    This is precisely my thinking, too! Kinda...

    There are many "measure sticks" that are never mentioned on this board but are equally critical, if not more so, than how much you weigh.

    1. ECG (heart test)
    2. Blood Glucose (optimal 8 hr fast range: 70-85 mg/dl)
    3. Blood Pressure (optimal): 120:80
    4. Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    5. Basic Metabolic Panel (Kidney function)
    6. Calcium:
    7. BUN & Creatinine (Kidney tests)
    8. Total Cholesterol to HDL ratio: 4 to 1, or less
    9. Triglycerides: Less than 100mg/dl
    10. DHEA (the anti-aging hormone): 300-500mg/dl
    11. C-Reactive Protein (heart disease marker): men: less than .55mg/L women: less than 1.5mg/L
    12. TSH (Thyroid Hormone): 0.35 - 2.1mU/L

    These tests can tell you how well your kidneys, liver and heart are functioning. They can tell you if you have anemia, diabetes or hypothyroid. They can tell you if you are developing cardiovascular disease or may suffer a stroke, soon. They can give clues to why you are chronically fatigued, suffer from headaches or experiencing severe abdominal pain.

    The reason why weight loss is so vexing and elusive is because no two people share the same condition and fitness level. Each person is unique, therefore, what works for one may not work for the other. What one person eats may not address the deficiencies/proficiencies another may have.

    Why become obsessed with the bathroom scale if you're still smoking? Why become obsessed with the bathroom scale if you're drinking excessive amounts of alcohol? Why become obsessed with the bathroom scale if you're haven't addressed high fasting blood glucose. Why become obsessed with the bathroom scale if you have not stabilized ridiculously high cholesterol or blood pressure. How well do you expect to lose weight if you have sleep apnea, have thyroid disease, chronic anemia or low testosterone?

    Weight loss, long term, is a "by-product" of improving health. To do this, takes time, patience and knowledge. Thus, the focus should always be on knowing where you stand, healthwise, and working with your doctor to progressively seek ways to improve/enhance your health, continuously.
    And, the best way to do this is to get active. Take a walk. Do some physical work. Move your body. Play...

    Every doctor will tell you: All "measure sticks" respond, positively, to exercise.

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