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    Choosing the right foods
    Chrissyk28 posted:
    Hi I was just watching the 20/20 show about weight loss....and it hit me as I was baking cookies watching this...I need to stop this...start eating right and working out. So here is my start and tomorrow I will be grocery shopping. This is where I need help. What should I be eating. Seems what I think is healthy isn't. Does anyone have any tips or sites to go to help? Thanks!
    marknanrog responded:
    Using the tools on this web site have helped me a lot. For me, sugar is my weakness. I thought I was cutting back, but tracking what I ate and seeing the graphs that reflected how many carbs and sugar I took in was a great help. With the help of tracking calories I have lost 20 lbs since last spring. I quite tracking daily what I ate and my weight has stabilized. I've realized again that I have let too many "treats" creep back in. So I will start recording everything I eat again and focus on eating more vegetables, fruit, and proteins. Shopping last weekend I stayed mostly on the perimeter of the store. That helps keep things healthy. Also, the less processed the better. If a food has too many ingredients, or things I can't pronounce, I try not to buy it. That means doing a lot from scratch, but doesn't mean it has to be complicated.
    PetuniaPea replied to marknanrog's response:
    Agree! I was a sugar addict my whole life, and exactly one year ago, I sloowly phased out sugar from my diet, even hidden places like breakfast cereals, jam, bread, etc.

    Last month I accidentally bought a carton of sweetened almond milk, I took one sip and it tasted gross! Waay too sweet! And this is from someone who ate nothing but sugary treats and meals my whole life! I guess I'm an example that anyone's taste buds can change!

    So....Chrissyk28, try to cut back or eliminate sugar, you can retrain your taste buds to love fruits, veggies, whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, etc!

    Don't buy bread unless it says 100% whole grain...the harder it is to chew, the better it is for you!

    Get in more serving of veggies per day by making your own homemade veggie soup...throw in any chopped or sliced veggie you like into a pot of veggie broth or low-sodium tomato soup...carrots, celery, kale, garbanzo beans, etc! When I make mine as part of dinner, I'm having about 5-7 servings of veggies, which is more than the government recommends!

    Avoid "food" if you can call it that, that comes in a box or plastic container or bag!

    Instead, try to adopt a whole food way of living...if it came directly from the tree, vine, or ground, it's super healthy. Also, if meat came directly from an organic, free-range farm, it's the better than a commercial farm that pumps up the animals with antibiotics and growth hormones!

    If you must indulge in cookies or other treats, make it once in a great while, and try to enjoy them with friends or family to make the extra calories "worth it!"

    Also, a study came out that if just one day during the week you go meatless, your chance of heart disease and other major diseases goes down. I've been vegetarian/vegan for about a year now, and my cholesterol and blood pressure have gone down to being at an optimal level!
    marknanrog replied to PetuniaPea's response:
    I agree that our tastes can change. Although I haven't made the complete break from sugar like you have, PetuniaPea, I have cut way back. Now I find that I am satisfied with much less. Just over the weekend we were invited to a dessert evening. Three types of dessert were offered. I took a small mousse (less than 1/2 cup), hot chocolate and wanted something else. I saw other people take one of each type of dessert and then go back for more. But I thoroughly enjoyed my one dessert and later felt like I had eaten too much. A year ago I would have eaten much more since I could justify myself because of what other people were doing. Our society really encourages us to over eat and eat the wrong things. It is hard to resist at times.
    2boysand1dog responded:
    If you are looking to Lose Weight. You need to eat clean.... Whole Fruits, Vegs,No processed foods. Try to make many thing homemade if you can. I found a Magazine called " Clean Eating" its helped get my whole family in the program. You cant completely cut out sugar from your diet because its in EVERYTHING! But if you are craving Chocolate grab a piece of DrK. Chocolate and suck on it or take frozen bananas and put them in the food processor and you have a alternative to ice cream. Look at the ingredients for EVERYTHING that you buy at the store. If you cant pronounce it you don't need it. Take a cheat meal once every 2 weeks. Drink water water water 3 pints daily. I have been eating this way for 2 years and my skin cleared up and I dont have digestive issues. And once ever 6 months I go thru a NO SUGAR, CAFFEINE,SALT, FAST AND I do a juice fast... I buy fruits and vegs and I juice them along with water, and that's what I eat all day. Also go on clean eating .com or look up Tosca Reno!! Body She was my inspiration for starting. good LUCK! Because it going to be hard but if you put your faith in GOD to help its can be easy! I took off 50lbs in 1 year...Any questions let me know.
    PetuniaPea replied to marknanrog's response:
    You've done great! I felt that cutting out sugar completely was right for me. My husband, on the other hand can handle a little bit here and there, he's good at not binging and watching his weight. I might take one bite of a dessert on rare occasion, and find it to be too sweet! This is coming from someone who used to be like the people you spoke of! I was the one at the Las Vegas buffet with a whole plate of desserts...
    totallywiggedout replied to marknanrog's response:
    The world is full of feeders, lol.
    It's great that you were able be satisfied with your indulgence at the dessert party. Being that in and of itself that party was nothing but a HUGE pitfall not only for people trying to watch their consumption, but also for anyone trying to be healthy.....
    sometimes you just can't win. But it's best to try. Right?
    I too have a huge nasty bugger of a sweet tooth and noticed that over the past couple of months, I'd been adding sugar free flavoings to my water and my sweet/salty cravings almost doubled. This past week I stopped using them, and haven't had a terrible craving since.
    I keep reading about how artificial sweeteners affect our brains, I'm beginning to think the new findings are spot on.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --- Thomas Edison

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger---Friedrich Nietzche

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