my story - kimekc
kimekc posted:
Hi, my name is Kim and I had gastric sleeve surgery on July 3, 2012. I had this surgery to save my life. I'm almost 50 and have all kinds of health problems. I've always been large. A huge part of that I know is psychological because it keeps people away and if you keep them away, they cannot hurt you. I've lost about 55 pounds, but I know I should have lost more at this point. I think it's only been around 10 pounds in the last three months. I have a job that makes it impossible to attend my local support groups, so I hope to find some support here. I know my body is ready to lose more, but I seem to sabotage myself. It is a mental problem right now, not a physical one. Has anyone else dealt with the demons I'm trying to deal with? How do I let go of my old self and let the new one emerge? My health problems are still with me at this point, so of course, I need to be smaller still in order to live.. Thanks!