weight watchers
6703me posted:
what is weight watchers?
brnsanyrbr responded:
Weight watchers is a diet program.
You can attend meetings and/or use online toold such as a food tracker etc.
You count points. The points come from calculating fat, carbs, protein, and fat. WW has that figured out for you.
You will either need their books, online tools, or a points calculator. All of which they will happily sell you.
They also encourage
It's just a new way to do the same ole same ole.

When choosing a diet you should look at different diets and decide which one you can live with and do over the long term. You should also make sure it's a healthy safe diet.

I am doing WW at the moment.

Good luck
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I noticed that I left out a word.
They also encourage
Should have read They also encourage exercise
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thank you, this helps. i am going to join.