Bariactric Surgery Decision.
brnsanyrbr posted:
I have just been dxed w hypothyriodism. The ultra sound showed a nodule but the scan and uptake were normal.
Yay, no cancer, sarcoid, or goiter. That's a big relief.

After a very rapid weight gain my weight has stabilized at 272.
I have several serious health issues. Plus I'm limited to a NuStep for exercise because I have bursitis in both hips and that prevents walking for exercise more than 2 -5 minutes.
Pool is the only other alternative and it's to far from home.

While I was on Synthyriod for 2 weeks I lost 2 lbs but have been off it due to the scan. Hoping to be back on it next week.
I've also begun WW to get in the habit of eating to lose once the synthyriod had been added back.

I have noticed that my insurance now covers bariactric surgery.

What I'd like to know is If I have the surgery will I be able to lose in spite of my hypothyriod.