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Can green goffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia be taken together???
cajungal328 posted:
Ok, I have been reading alot of rave reviews about both of these dietary suppliments for weight loss, as well as lowering cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, etc... I ordered some of the green coffee extract, and I'm thinking about ordering some garcinia cambogia as well.

What I want to know is, since these two suppliments do different jobs in the body, the green coffee balances glucose levels and alters glucose absorbtion, and garcinia cambogia curbs appetite, prevents fat production, and converts existing fat into energy, would it be safe, and / or beneficial to take these two suppliments together?

I'm not a doctor or an herbalist, but to me, it sounds like, with along with a more healthy diet and exercise, it could be a very effective combination, but I would like to know if it would be safe to take them together?
brunosbud replied to BabyBlueStar's response:
BabyBlueStar, First, let me say, congratulations on losing 38 pounds in 7 months! That's quite a accomplishment and you should be happy and proud of your effort! Well done!

More importantly, kudos for recognizing the "cause" of your prior obesity...

It was the "food"...

You finally learned it was the "food" that caused you to overeat and caused that constant and insatiable hunger that tormented you to despair and self loathing...You finally realized that what you thought was "food" was, actually, not "food" at all but highly addictive, metabolically toxic and disease causing faux-food substances. And, now that you've learned this, all you can feel is anger and sorrow. Anger for our government to allow food companies and businesses to peddle their life-destroying products under the guise of "food" and "free choice" and "everything in moderation". And, sorrow for the millions of people who are inexorably hooked on the Sugar-Salty-Fatty combination and can't end their addictions as you have...

But, I have one simple question...

How in the hell did "Green Coffee Bean Extract", teach you all that?
Tatcho replied to brunosbud's response:
It is so nice to see some people think they know everything!
I also have been taking Green Coffee Bean extract, and love it. It is true many of the GCBE are not as good, as others. I also just heard about Garcinia Cambogia, I have done a little research on both supplements, and just ordered Garcinia Cambogia. I plan on trying them together, I also plan on keeping a close eye on my blood sugar. We will see how it goes.
People can say what they want, and be judgmental there choice! They do not have my jean pool, they know nothing about my journey in life or anyone's journey for that matter.
I think the others on this site are doing a great thing looking for supplements that can aid them in there quest for better health and weight. They are not just reading one thing and saying (oh this will fix my whole life if I take it) They are trying to do there homework, and how dare anyone get on here and insult them for that!
I try to consider the source, some people are only happy in life when they are, making others feel stupid, or less then, SHAME ON YOU!!!
I would also like to say Dr Oz never promotes any brand name, and not everything he has on his show is going to help everyone. His show just gives people information they did not have before, and they can do what they want with that information. I for one think the Dr Oz show is a great tool for many people.
brunosbud replied to Tatcho's response:
I believe the single biggest reason why so many suffer from obesity and type 2 diabetes is stress.

  • Our jobs are in jeopardy
  • Prices are rising beyond our means
  • Our children are having to raise themselves
  • Our everyday, personal safety is in doubt
  • Our families are in crisis, and, now
  • Our health is deteriorating

Stress makes life exhausting and hopeless. Stress debilitates people both mentally and physically...

I know it's hard to lose weight. I know that eating healthy and exercise doesn't always work. I, also, know that unrelenting stress and constant worry destroys lives and makes sleep hard at night. And, I know why you're mad at me, Tatcho...and, it has little to do with coffee beans...

Green or otherwise
darknyt replied to brunosbud's response:
So hereI am, like many of you asking a SIMPLE question....Is it safe to take GCBE, and Garcinia Cambogia together? And after many pleas for the "know it alls" to shut up or PLEASE just answer the question, I see that we still don't have an answer, but apparently we should all make an appointment with brunosbud since he/she seems to have all the answers....PLEASE anyone have any experience with the two?????
GrammaInNevada replied to tschwilliams's response:
Jburgess1980 replied to SaraDibble's response:
This is a great blog post, thank you for the information that you provided. I believe that Garcinia Cambogia is a great supplement and recommend that everyone should use it who wants to lose weight.

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Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
HI and thanks so much for your posting. There's been lots of talk about green coffee extract. Scholarly articles note that 35% of study subjects noted a modest 5% reduction in body weight. Concern exists about side effects including effects on gut absorption as well as heart arrhythmias. The extract affects the absorption of fat and glucose in the gut and it may also reduce insulin levels. Again, these are modest changes at best. Garcinia extract (hydroxycitric acid or HCA) was found to have a small impact on short term weight reduction. As reported by WebMD, this extract is possibly safe for use over 12 weeks or less, but long term safety in humans is unknown. Common side effects are GI upset, nausea and headache.

Bottom line for you: Save your money. The very small edge you may be getting is far outweighed (pun intended!) by your choosing healthy lifestyle choices. Don't count on these supplements to significantly affect weight reduction or blood/fat metabolism. If you're overweight/obese and you shed 10% of your current body weight in a healthy way, you're rewarded with significant changes in glucose and fat metabolism and a reduction in blood pressure as well. There's nothing in the world more powerful than that daily walk as well as mindful eating of appropriate amounts of whole foods.

Good luck!

Dr Peeke
brunosbud replied to Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP's response:
Dr. Peeke,

CAK17 replied to SaraDibble's response:
your reply has been the most helpful for me. I have MS and have steroiod treatments, which has caused weight gain, and I had knee replacement surgery 9 months age so have'nt been able to excersice much. I am getting back in the swing of things latly, buts it's a slow pocess. I plan on starting the 2 suppliments tomorrow. How has it worked for you. I see this post is 2 months old, so just wondering what I have to look forward to.

Thanks again for the post!
ConnieAP replied to tschwilliams's response:
Wow, where can you get the combined pill?
ConnieAP replied to ConnieAP's response:
I started with Weight Watchers. They called me their "Mystery Case" because I couldn't lose more than 10 pounds no matter what I did. I then added the GCBE, but saw no change. Then I added the Garcinia, but noticed no change. So, I guess you can combine them safely. Unfortunately, I am having trouble with everything. I have lost 75 pounds, but can't lose the remaining 75 pounds. I diet, I record what I eat, I stopped drinking sodas, I drink lots of water, I walk daily and still can't lose anymore.
jhaynesky responded:
Hi cajungal328

I have been using "Pure Garcinia Cambogia" for 3 weeks and have lost 13 lbs. I lost 5 lbs in week 1 and 2 and then 3 lbs in week 3. I have read reviews that stated that particular product didn't work for them but, it definitely worked for me. I have 30 more to go and just ordered the green coffee extract. I plan to take them both and I am hoping that it will help me lose the last 30 at a quicker pace. I have never been over weight, never more than 130 lbs, all my life. I am athletic, run and ride. 3 years ago I went back to school at 46 y/o and I gained 50 lbs as I didn't have the time to take care of myself or the time to cook my meals. Upon completing my education, I immediately returned to my lifelong healthy lifestyle but, at my age and being in menopause, I can tell you that the weight was not coming off easily. I was working out everyday, eating healthy again, but my weight loss was no more than a pound or two a week.

In my opinion, we can't get everything our bodies need just through food. That is why we take multivitamins and probiotics, to supplement what our body needs. This is no different. I will continue to work out and eat well but, I am definitely going to take advantage of a supplement of natural foods that are not readily available and will benefit my health.

Good luck to you. I will try and come back with my results in a few weeks.
bperrault replied to jhaynesky's response:
bought a five month supply and it didn't move one once from my weight.
An_252881 replied to Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP's response:
Dr. Peeke - I feel your response is irresponsible. There are a lot of people that have extra weight that is not a result of dysfunctional behavior and emotions. These all natural supplements are a great way to initiate momentum when your body is working against you. As you know, when you've had quickly developed weight gain (fat), such as due to pregnancy, it's harder to lose weight.

So, it would have been more intelligent and wise to restrict your above recommendation to folks who have had a long-term problem with weight due to addiction or other related issues.
brunosbud replied to An_252881's response:
Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 year!

In 2010, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.

In the state of Arkansas, in 2011, 30.9 percent of adults were obese. In 2030, the projected rate of adult obesity is 60.6%. That's double in less than 20 years!

Tell me, An_252881, which do you think these numbers are a reflection of...
  1. Pregnant women?, or
  2. "Folks who have had a long-term problem with weight due to addiction or other related issues?"
Which "population" would you suggest Dr. Peeke focus her attention and advice for?