Stay at home mom
An_249881 posted:
Hi Stay at home mom.
My suggestion would be - first talk with your doctor. If you're depressed you might do better with some professional medical help. Depression can make you tired and make you feel like you don't want to do anything. I speak from experience, I have been diagnosed with mild depression.

Second, start out slowly incorporating a little more exercise into your day. Take your kids for a walk before dinner if you have time. Take your 2 year old to the park while the others are at school. You will have to make an effort at first, but eventually you will have more energy and you will FEEL like going out more.

Third - try substituting something good for you but still a little on the sweet side for something really sweet that is not good for you. For instance, my husband LOVES to eat an icecream cone at night after dinner. I have a hard time resisting eating it too, when he's there next to me enjoying his chocolate and vanilla cone. So I've started freezing the fruity low-fat light yogurt, the 80 or 100 calorie packets, and when he's having his cone I have a frozen yogurt. It's sweet and satisfies my craving for ice cream so I don't feel deprived and left out and it keeps me from eating that probably 500 calorie cone along with him!

You CAN do it!! Good luck! Keep us posted with your progress.